AB is depleted.

Pretty whacked today, I guess as a cumulative effect of burning the candle at both ends for a while now. Quite hot and cold, and I fear a bout of flu is looming.

I am going to take it easy tomorrow, Maybe I won't ride at all. I am hanging around at home today with a massive headache.

Anyway, I was thinking about Sydney, and thinking about Brisbane, and what I will and won't miss from each of them.

Sydney Pros:

-Rarely oppressively hot
-Fantastic lifestyle, and massive frind group around Man-town
-Lots of riding ie: BA Bunch, Dawn Patrol
-Technical trails that scare me and hence must be good to practice on
-Bacino coffee in manly, Bar sport coffee in Leichhardt, Three Bean coffee in St Leonards, Chaos coffee in Neutral Bay, Badde Manors cafe in Glebe
-Coffee is generally a bit cheaper on average than in Brisbane
-The amazing views from Gunners' Barracks, North Head
-Riding through pristine Akuna Bay
-Many 4km climbs to do SE's on
-Emporio cafe - need I say more?
-Doing a 5hour ride then visiting Emporio for a big fuckoff salad
-Always something going on
-Beach 'n 'Coffee lifestyle

Sydney Cons:

-Woeful traffic
-Ridiculously priced rent in areas we want to live
-Takes forever to get anywhere due to the scale of the city and suburbs, and due to said traffic
-Winters are much colder
-Takes forever to get out to any mountain bike races
-Public transport not really comprehensive in all areas

Brisbane Pros:

-Removed from the level of 'rat race' experienced in Sydney
-Takes about ten minutes to get into the city. Maybe fifteen with poor traffic.
-Quality of life, sunny most of the time
-Can afford rent on less days work per week- more leisure and training time
-Merlo coffee factory and cafes, as well as Campos coffee emerging in 'Vegas
-Daisy Hill cruisy trails to take beginner best buddies riding
-Gap Creek and Mt Cootha Trails, not technical in the Sydney sense but steep and rutty (and sometimes off camber- crap!)
-More prominent mountain bike scene, more lassies, closer trails and quicker travel due to less traffic.
-Music festivals also travel to Brisbane
-One day in the not too distant future, like a couple of years, we will be able to afford a house.
-Maybe some kids too, but they come later
-Funky groovy places like Paddington and Milton for coffee

Brisbane Cons:

-Coffee generally more expensive
-No beach
-Public transport pretty average in Brisbane, too.
-Not sure about road cycling, Aido says its ok.
-People I know, and potentially too close for comfort with the parents
-Sometimes too hot.