Oops, I did it again...

Okay...so here's the end of the story. After I wisely walked out of Great Clips I went home and read my daughters a story. As I was reading, of all things, "Rapunzel", my mind went back to my hair. Bangs are all the rage these days, so I decided to sneak over to the bathroom and cut myself some bangs. I pulled a pair of scissors out of the cabinet and snip, snip-hey-they looked pretty good!

The only problem was the front sides needed a little trim. No problem. Snip...oooh, awesome. Now the other side, snip...OH SHIT. Too short. I'm screwed.


I have a lopsided dutch boy mullet.

I'm not going to touch it for 2 weeks, and I've made an appointment with a professional. I don't even want to hear what she's going to say when she sees the butcher job I've done on myself.

It's a sickness I tell you. I should have let them do it at Great Clips. I'm sure the drug addicts who work there would have done a better job than I did.

I decided to put the picture back in. The ones below are the cute ones, with the hair behind my ears. As you can see, when it's not tucked away, it's lopsided and just plain BAD. Hopefully I will learn from this!!! Duh.