Reality check.

The other day, I received this reply e-mail to an application that I sent to an international school in Turkey:


Hi Stacy,
Thank you for your application.
Quickly, a bit more details about this post- You would teach English as a second language as the schools are Turkish. All the English department staff of the schools are Qualified teachers of English from either the UK or US, Australia, New Zealand etc...
have your realised this?
Kind regards



Green Acres AKA My Dirty Little Secret...

You may or may not have noticed my absence on Twitter and on your blogs. If you have, I apologize for being so anti-cyber social.

Let's just say, I've been a little busy. The time I used to spend writing funny little comments and reading other people's stories is now spent harvesting crops, collecting eggs and collecting tractors.

I have a "little problem."

You do have to admit, I have a mighty fine looking farm.

I've missed you all so much, and I'll be back. Just as soon as I reach Level 70.

Now watch the video. It really captures the essence of the Farmville craze.

Oriental Supermarket Fun

After Emily's orthodontist appointment, she said those 2 words she says every time we go out, "I'm hungry." So we went out of our way to the Oriental Supermarket. She used to declare "It stinks in here!" when we walked in the door, but now she says she likes the smell. We must have been hungry because we bought a bunch of different things. She always wants one of these drinks, it's carbonated, and you have to whack the marble sealing it with the cap, the marble drops into the glass bottle and causes some of the drink to fizz up and out, but we got smart this time and did it all in a bowl so she wouldn't lose half her drink. It's not cheap, $3 for the bottle and it's probably 1/2 the amount that's in a reg. pop can. But she loves the whole Asian/gimmicky thing. These sounded good, how could dried yams not sound good? I must have been very hungry. They are just that, dried yams, not sweetened, not salted. Just dried. Not bad, but not good.

These are good. Some kind of weird potato snack, Italian Gratin flavoured. Everyone loved them.

These are definitely deep fried, but lightly sweetened, maybe even sweet/salty. But the texture will kill your mouth, kind of like crinkle cut fries but 400 times harder.

Emily picked this cup of ramen for her dinner. She boiled the water, followed the directions, for cooking the noodles. Then she drained the water and added the flavour packet and packet of 'oil', which looked like fat mixed with seeds. She said it was good and that she could eat it again, but she didn't actually finished it all, so I question how good it was.

One of the reasons I like taking her to the Oriental Supermarket is because she can read the packaging. She's taught herself to read Japanese, which is more than I can do. She can't read everything, but she can gets the gist of it and can translate for me. So when I saw these, next to something I recognized, I asked her to translate and sure enough it was exactly what I thought. And she knew what it was so we had to buy it. Naruto, swirl fish cakes. It's similar to imitation crab. You slice them thinly and use it to decorate your food.

Like this, our peanut sauce noodles.

Grandpa had a dr.'s appt., the dr. thinks there's a blockage of some sort because his pulse is weaker at his feet than anywhere else. He sent him for bloodwork and he'll be having more tests ASAP. Thank you for all the well wishes!
Today, I must scrapbook. I've got classes to prepare for and nothing to show for it. I hope my mojo shows up today.

To Hell With Caffeine! Pass the Nutella!!

My little sister traveled to Italy recently and she told me that the Italians eat Nutella on EVERYTHING. I figure the Italians know their food, so today, I purchased my first jar of Nutella.


Gusti cosi buona!!

Coincidentally, February 5th is World Nutella Day.

In honor of this exciting celebration of this chocolaty, hazelnutty, delicious treat, I'm "SPREADING" the word that this stuff rocks!!

So take it from me, go get yourself some NUTELLA, spread it on a warm croissant, dip a strawberry in it, or do like I do and take a big old spoonful. Who cares if you have rotted teeth and a butt the size of Texas? It's totally worth it.

As usual, this is not a paid endorsement. I never make any money off this damn blog.


I've been looking for some funky fabric for a backdrop. I haven't found it yet, but I did find this quilt in the laundry room. My mom made it for Emily and she doesn't use it anymore. I thought it might come in handy for baby photo shoots. Baby Bear posed for me on Emily's mini chair.
Work it, Baby Bear! Linus wanted in on the action when he heard I was handing out treats for good girls and boys.

Sally's such a good sport, she sat on the mini chair for a long time while I fiddled with the shot.
I've just come from getting a cleaning at the teeth are so sparkly. Emily has her first orthodontist appointment today, she's not too happy about it. I'm sure I won't be happy about the cost.

Australia Day!

Australia Day is rad, definitely my favourite public holiday.

There is no religious impetus for it, it's guilt free (noone died for the holiday) and it's in the middle of summer.

Thongs, wife-beaters and stubbies are the attire of choice, while you kick back, drink some beer (though perhaps NOT keeping the beer in the spirit of the holiday—Fourex and VB suck my balls!) and chuck some prawns on the barbie—gold!

Solar Powered.

I know...
2 posts in one day....This one has pictures. Lots of them.

Because we live in a valley, and we pay that nasty sunshine tax, we suffer in the winter. Maybe it's part of that sunshine tax, I don't really know what that tax includes, I've just heard people say we have one, but anyways, it's usually overcast and dismal in the winter. So as soon as I saw the sun shining, I grabbed my camera and that stinky tennis ball and took the dogs outside.

Here the majestic Golden Retriever soaks up the rays. He needs them because he is solar powered and has plans on ripping up the grass with his mighty paws as he catches his prey, the stinky tennis ball. But first he must actually rip up some grass, namely my zebra grass, he then pulled two branches of my forsythia. You can see the stinky tennis ball sneaking up on him.

He sat around like a dope because I told him to stop demolishing the flora and fauna.

He caught the stinky tennis ball, made lots of steam, and had some fun. You can see his assortment of yard toys (and possibly a doggy deposit) in this one, the tree root, and the 2x6s he likes us to throw for him, only problem is I can hardly lift them, so they usually land on him or about 3 feet in front of me.

How can you not love this face? The dog breath, the grass in the teeth, the goobery jowls, the stinky tennis ball.

Then we went inside and ate candies.

I had seen a neat trick with Christmas lights that I wanted to try. I knew there was a reason I still had a box of lights that didn't get put away after Christmas. Linus helped with the set up. He was checking the mug of water to make sure it was okay. He actually drank the whole thing.

After he moved, I was able to get this.
And not to be left out, I had to get a shot or two of Miss Sally. She likes to high tail it when Linus starts his antics.

Questions answered.

1. -2 is cold, it's been above 0 for a long time. Flowers are tricked into starting to bud. Orchardists are worried that the trees might bud and then the real weather will come and wreck everything.

2. Gas is cheap, it was up to $1.17 a liter.

3. Amy, be more specific, asking if that's my mom in the first picture, there's a whole bunch of moms in that picture. Mine is the one on the left, the Japanese one. Funny but true story...Kerry and I were discussing the health of our family members. I said I didn't know of any Asians that had asthma, and I thought and I thought and then I said "Oh, whatever, I don't ever know that many Asians!" Kerry looked at me like the idiot I am. I said "Oh, ya, more than half the people I'm related to are Asian, silly me!" I believe none of them have asthma.

4. If you have a tv that is older than 5 yrs. but more likely 10 yrs. old and your parents gave it to you without a remote control, throw it out, don't try to keep it so the kids can have a tv devoted to Dance Dance Revolution. It's not worth it to drive around town, buying different remotes, returning those remotes, doing research on-line, punching in 3200 codes, making long distance calls because no Universal Remote will work with it. The very helpful Rolly at London Drugs pulled up the local want ads and told me to go and buy a used tv for under $50 WITH a remote and manual. I'm a bit sad for this tv, it's not the best quality but it still works, it would be good for someone that needs exercise, as you have to get up and push the buttons on the tv if you want to change the channel. Oh, wait, maybe will skip the Dance Dance Revolution and just use the tv for exercise. Kids will love it!

5.This is my grandpa, he's an antique, he's 91. He's not doing so well. And not that I expect him to live forever, I know all about the circle of life, I'm not prepared to have him go to the bowling alley in the sky. He's feeling pretty weak lately and probably can't bowl on Friday, mom says if he can't bowl, then what's the point? If I suddenly stop blogging in the next bit, it's because something has happened with grandpa and I'm needed elsewhere.

I have to admit...

I'm not feeling witty. I'm not feeling interesting. I've got nothing to talk about.

But that's never stopped me from writing a blog post before, so here goes!!!

Today is my "cleaning day" which means I'll talk on the phone alot, because the only way I can pass the time happily is to gossip while I scrub. If you have my phone number and want to chat, I'll be home all day.

Yesterday I had one and a half root canals and wrote a check to my dentist for $1,400. I'm a tooth grinder. My dentist told me that cracked teeth and stress fractures are an epidemic these days, which I guess means the lousy economy is working out pretty well for the dentists of America.

Next Friday we head to Orlando for five days to stay with my parents. We still haven't decided which Disney venue to hit. I'm thinking we might head to one of the theme parks on Superbowl Sunday. What do you think? We could care less about the Superbowl this year. None of my favorite teams made it to the big day, so maybe we can avoid some lines.

Now for some about that Australian Open? LOVE IT!!! The only drawback? Sooo distracting for me!!! The highlight for me is the return of Justine Henin. I love short little players. They give me hope.

That's what's going on here in Jersey.

Pray something interesting happens to me today.

My blogging well is running dry.

Third Cover! ♥

Done! Terima kasih sudah menyumbangkan klik di voting pojok kanan atas itu, so here you guys.. My third cover, Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore :)

* No more 'left-handed' acoustic cover girl, haha. So sowwy now I've mirrored it :) Enjoy.

I went!

Bright and early, okay, more like dismal and early, but I still got out of the house just after 8 am. to catch the excitement of seeing the Olympic torch wind it's way through Kelowna. I choose to go to Fabricland instead of the Emily's school. Standing in -2 degrees with teens was more than I wanted to do today, and besides, you can't 'legally' take pictures of those underaged brats. So I stood with these gals and their meters of maple leaf fabric. Weird thing, only a handful of other people were standing out there too. They stood there like that for about 30 minutes before the torch came. They got lots of honks and cheers. I don't know who the torch bearer was but the whole thing gave me teary eyes. How proud he looks. The funny thing is that his cheering team that might have been his wife and daugthers were funny. The one that we thought was his wife laughed hysterically the whole time as she jogged along the sidewalk with him.
On the way home, which is also the route of the torch relay, hundreds of people were along the highway so I parked and walked over to see it again. Here you can see them lighting the next runner's torch, oh, that's right, you can't really because Darlene's head is in the way. But you can make out that gas is 99.9 cents a liter.

You could actually feel the heat of the flame, which was made me teary too, must have been the heat melting my eyes.

I'm glad I went. I'm cold, but it really was something to see. And I got to wear my prize winning fleece jacket because it's the only red one I have.

La Vida Lilly

Towards the end of winter, I tend to go into full scale Lilly Pulitzer obsession mode. I guess it's because by February, I'm sick of cold weather and I want sun, surf, and summer, which is Lilly Pulitzer to a T-ski. But no matter what, by March I almost always have a new dress, shirt, and skirt. I was ridiculously excited to find out that MAC is doing a Lillyland collection of cosmetics. They're all bright and cheerful and I want them all.

I HAVE to get this. For realz.

Matryosh key

Isn't this just the cutest? I have a pair, the other one is red, they were a little gift from Yolanda. This one matches my key fob. This morning when I went to start the van, I realized she makes my key too fat to fit in the ignition. I don't think the excuse "My Matryosh Key wouldn't fit in my van ignition" was a good reason to miss work. It took me a few minutes to swap her to Kerry's truck key, which is on my key ring, too.
Today the Olympic torch comes to town. Tomorrow it makes the rounds past most of the middle and high schools. This will wreak havoc on the bus schedules and people taking their kids to school as it happenings right around the start of both elementary and then high school. Not sure who is in charge of planning but I think this might make for a chaotic morning. I'm not sure what we will do, part of me says go, participated, but then the other part of me says "Are you crazy?"

Exhaustion Equation

4 overnight guests for 3 nights plus 2 hours of intense singles equals one very tired blogger.

I'll be back as soon as I get my life back together.

Miss you!

I'm leaving my boring castle, and run with you.

Current mood: Secret - Adhitia Sofyan

wait for 7 seconds and press PLAY to the track above. ;)

I found the vintage clock!
You know what, it reminds me of
the rash rabbit on Alice in the Wonderland :)

And yeah, this song's keep playing round and round in my head...

Can you keep a secret, just a little secret
It won't take much of your time

Maybe it's the weather, I don't really bother
I'm just trying to make you mine

Leave your boring castle
Run with me...

And when you hold my hand
I'll be all right I would not cry
Into the open air
We'll see the light along the way

Will you take a moment, just a little moment
It won't take much of your plan

If destiny is waiting, tell her I'll be walking
Cause I'm not playing the waiting game..

If destiny is waiting,
tell her I'll be leaving
Run with me
Run with me...

Secret - Adhitia Sofyan (:

..just wondering, how could he wrote this super romantic song?? This is what every girls wanna hear. Wow. He must be knowing every girls' heart then... This don't even gonna come up in my boyf's --or either my-- mind, haha.


Look at me! Look at me! It's my birthday!

I'm 3 yrs. old today. My mom says I'm very lucky that I lived to see 3! I don't feel that lucky. I don't know why she would say that. She also said we don't celebrate dog birthday's like we do human birthdays. Whatever! I got 1 1/2 carrots today and I got to go outside and play with the ball, that seems like a party.

I heard her saying that the only reason we are taking note of my big 3 birthday is because everybody has been saying Golden Retrievers mellow out at 3 years of age. Hee, hee, I'm not a Retriever, I'm a Receiver! Fooled them.

Forget Your Plans :)

Meet this sweet, humble and surely talented bedroom musician :)

Yay, the second album is out! :)
and it's FREE! download it here, right from his blog.
I'm a fan since I downloaded his first lovely album, QUIET DOWN (Oh, and thank youu so muchh for sending it, Mas Adhit! :D so sorry I'm too gaptek here hahaha). Juga satu lagu yang bikin 'jatuh cinta', Adelaide Sky, yang jadi soundtrack Kambing Jantan. You're gonna LOOOVE it. And finally, saya sekarang di rumah dan tidak sabar meluapkan apa yang pengen saya tulis tentang album ini. I'm enjoying every each note that flows in all the songs in this album, every songs here are special :)

1. Forget Jakarta
favorite part: how he sings soft but firmly pronounced "Forget Jakarta" not Jha'-khert-aa. Yes, he may forgetting Jakarta, but still not forgetting the Indonesian accents :) I love the reffrain.

2. After The Rain
Basically, semua lagunya mas Adhitia Sofyan memang selalu SANGAT cocok buat didenger di suasana mendung-mendung, hujan, ataupun habis hujan, dan bahkan didengerin di panas-panas siang bolong pun suasana langsung berubah jadi teduh & 'mendung' :) di lagu ini terdengar sedikit lebih riang dari lagu-lagu lain. Dan liriknya tetap, so sweet. (:

3. Carnival
"...So let me remember the shape of the evening
Cause when the day's over
who knows when I'll see you again." (:

4. Immortal Mellow
This is sooo Edward and Bella. Tapi walaupun saya ga suka Twilight, saya suka sekali lagu ini :) Reff-nya easy listening dan secara ngga sadar bisa ikut dinyanyikan walaupun pertama kali dengerin.

5. Gaze
The note in this song represents all the unexplained words and feelings. Salah satu 'keahlian' Mas Adhitia Sofyan adalah, bahkan sebelum dengerin liriknya, nadanya aja udah bisa menjelaskan, tentang apa lagu ini --like the way 'Blue Sky Collapse' do. (:

6. Dont Look Back
"Don't look back
You go full speed ahead now
While these walls
Freeze me back in time.."
Painful. But somehow still sounds sweet.

7. Secret
The whole song is bouncy and easy listening --The note, the lyrics, I love everything. And I love the word 'secret'. (:
"Leave your boring castle, run with me." Beautiful. (Mungkin di lagu ini ya yang tadinya berlirik 'I am walking'-nya Tak Gendong - Mbah Surip? hehe..)

8. The Stalker

"About the song : It’s great isn’t it that there are numerous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter available in this romantic age? you can always have a look out on that special someone that doesn’t belong to you without having to leave your spot."

...THIS-IS-SO-TRUE. *sob* :") reminds me of my crush, how I stalked him for years, ..and enjoy being invisible, he doesn't even know I'm exist.

9. Dark Side
Buat yang belum pernah denger album sebelumnya, ya sedikit banyak seperti di lagu ini, laid back and catchy :)

10. Midnight
Sounds familiar and easy listening yet catchy, especially on the first verse. One of my favorite songs here. The intro reminds me of 'Memilihmu' di album pertama :)

11. In To The Light
Thoughtful lyric. The tune represents a sorrow, mellow situation, in it's own unique and quirky way.

12. Bandaged
Aaaa, last song :( Pertamanya terdengar asing, karena berbeda dari lagu-lagu lainnya, this one sounds heavier and more dramatic. But then I LOVE it so much, dan saya memang terobsesi sama Romeo & Juliet, denger lagu ini, entah kenapa saya langsung terbayang sebuah screenplay teater (plus the thunder effect, yes, sounds so theatrical). I love the lyric, the whole song.
"In you all I wanted,
In you everything
In to you I believe,
Everything will fall down in the end..."
Simple yet lovely :)

Believe me, you really have to download it. I don't really love mellow songs, but this one really works, haha :) And for the first album, Quiet Down, susah banget untuk memilih mana yang recommended. Try to listen Adelaide Sky (OST. Kambing Jantan), Blue Sky Collapse, Into You, Number One, Reality, ..but the rest of them are all GREAT. (:

...Semoga saya belum terlalu telat untuk memasang hit counter di blog ini.

Setelah hijrah dari blog lama ke blog ini tahun kemarin, baru sekarang sempet masang hit counter. Jadi gue juga ga tau jumlah sebenernya berapa. Setelah kemarin tanya-tanya di twitter, Bang Raditya Dika berbaik hati ngasih tau :) Gue baru bikin account Google Analytics-nya, sekarang juga belom ngerti-ngerti banget (hiks), jadilah hit counter ini dimulai dari kemarin. And thanks for visiting ya, hayo jangan lupa balik lagi :)

Just in case you missed it...

Sometimes politics can be really fun. Here's a great example.

Have you seen the photos of Massachusetts Senator-Elect Scott Brown? Here they are from Cosmopolitan Magazine in1982 was he was a 22-year-old law student. Even then, he described himself as "a bit of a patriot".

I'm going to leave the commentary to you.

Oh, snap!

I have just booked my first job to photograph a wedding. I'm crapping my pants and probably will every day until May 24th, even though the wedding is on the 23th, until I see the photos, I won't be able to handle it.
I am also shooting Karla getting ready for her wedding the day before! 2 weddings in 2 days.
And we are making concrete plans to go to Disneyland in October where we will meet Amy, David and Trevor, and if everything is still a go, I'll be taking pictures of their wedding too. We are also planning this trip with my oldest and dearest friend, Terrell and her family, she's not really my oldest friend, but I can tease her. We've known each other since we were 12 yrs. old.
Very excited!

Mystery Commenter

Yesterday I got a new commenter. His name is Dave. I have no idea who he is...but I like what he said:

"Trust yourself. You have put yourself right where you belong. Then cleaning and organizing is more enjoyable because it applies to building the world that you want to live in. Smiles :)"

Thanks Dave. I'm going to remember that as I go through my day.

I love my blog friends.

Self Motivated

I had high hopes for today. Today was going to be a day to get out and get things done.

When I woke up this morning and went into my 6 year old daughter's room, I realized that I was going to need to change my plans.

She was BURNING up.

Time to shift gears, and quickly.

I tucked the little one back into bed and I called my neighbor to drive my 10 year old to school.

And now, here I sit. Waiting patiently for my pediatricians office to open.

There goes my glamorous day. A day I was going to spend tooling around in the minivan, going to recycling, grocery shopping and registering my daughters for spring lacrosse.

Instead I get to stay home and care for my sick daughter. (That's the good part, I get to spend time with her.)

While she rests, I have to do the mature thing, and clean this damn house from top to bottom.

I'm so thankful we have a nice big house. Not so thankful for all the work it takes to keep it clean.

Quite frankly, I'm having a mid-life crisis.

I'm a cliche. A bored housewife.


If any of you have suggestions on how I can make cleaning and organizing more enjoyable, I am open to any and all suggestions.


In the meantime, you know where you can find, in suburban Jersey, with a mop in my hand and a SMILE on my face!!

Monday Afternoon

I was playing around with the new lens and Emily managed to find Linus' 'sweet spot' on his face. When you scratch his cheeks just right, he does this... I took the dogs outside and was playing around a bit more with the lens, when I caught Sally doing this...
Apparently she saw Linus do this...

As far as I can tell he was doing laps around the yard and slipped in the mud and ice that our back yard has become, I did catch him just slidding into a lawn chair and a bush and then he ran to me and I got mud all over my face.
It's a good thing I wasn't wearing this...

My prize fleece from the Yokohama photo contest. It's red, it's black, it's got a logo on it, the sleeves zip off, but I won it for a photo I took! It will most likely be designated 'rally wear'.

Monday Morning

I wish the sun would shine for just a few hours! Although I do have to go to work so maybe it could wait until later to shine. I am thankful for the 'warmer' weather we are having, it's not very January-ish, but I'll take it.
I've been 'suffering' for the last week or so with a bit of a sore throat, although it's not reallly sore so much as it is irritated, and irritating. The glands in my neck are swollen too. Some days it's not bad, and other's it is. I'd like to just get whatever it is, be sick and get better. Is that too much to ask?

A very nice guy sold me his almost brand new 50mm f/1.4 lens yesterday. After much back and forth about whether or not I 'needed' this lens, and yes, I am going to use lots of 'quotation' marks today, I finally decided I did need it. I had been looking at the f/1.2 and reading reviews and it didn't get great ones, and it's way over priced. This nice guy got the f/1.4 mid-October and then his even nicer parents bought him a Nikon for Christmas. Win Win for both of us. This lens will help me take better indoor photos. I'm selling my flash because I've come to the conclussion we don't work well together, I love the natural light and shooting in it, I don't get the same happy results with the flash. Some people do.

I'm sending off our Anime Evolution Convention registration forms today. It's at UBC in Burnaby, in August. I can smell it now, 5000 costumed people, 38 degrees and no deoderant. I can't wait!

Things we are looking forward to in the last few weeks of January...
- more rain, and warmer weather.
- babies, not ours.
- taking pictures of babies.
- Linus's birthday, the big 3!

2010 MTBA National Championships

Well nationals has already been run and won, and we have returned home to hot an humid Brisbane—a change from hot and dry Adelaide.

The vibe in SA was insane, with a massive cyclist awareness due to the Tour Down Under and the appearance of Lance Armstrong. So tight is Armstrong's grip on Adelaide that when he Tweeted that he would have a 'Lance ride' on Saturday in Glenelg at 9am, 5000 people showed up.

Pretty massive.

And also pretty annoying considering Saturday was race day for elite categories of the Australian Mountain Bike XC Championships. Half an hour into the elite women's race, as we were chewing our stems and trying desperately to keep the rubber side down, Lance was having a party with all our spectators. GREAT!

Despite the less-than-expected turnout (thanks, Lance), the race was good fun with local MTB fans all out and about.

In the women's race about 25 or 30 dirt girls graced the start line.

For some reason I had a good start from the second grid line, heading up into the singletrack in about seventh or eighth.

The course itself didn't feature too many obstacles, but the loose and rocky nature of the trails made it a hard course to tame at speed.

I rode lap one not feeling the heat of the race too much, Tori rode ahead and that was fine, but lap two Terri pulled ahead and though I tried to stay in sight, a nasty crash near the end of the lap lost me precious time—not to mention leg power!

Thanks to some metro guys for pulling me off the track and unclipping me and making sure I could feel my left leg again before I rode off!

Perhaps I shouldn't have worried about the leg—time is, after all, the essence—as two others passed me during this dirt time.

When I climbed onto my bike after what seemed like forever (but was probably only 2 minutes) I seemed to have no power in my legs. They soon got up to speed again but continued throbbing for the remainder of the race with a constant reminder of the crash.

I was able to pretty much maintain that position, feeling a bit crap throughout the entire third lap but rallying for the fourth, up until I crashed again! And it was in the same spot! I have no reasoning for this—the first crash I had no idea what had happened, the second crash I knew over the top of the drop that I was too far right, but it was too late to change anything by then I was on the ground again.

I was trying to follow another attack at that stage, which had got away with the crashing business. Luckily the second crash wouldn't have lost me more than a minute, I don't think.

Anyway, rubbing's racing—even when it's with the dirt!

It's great to be racing with the girls, and not just dangling out the back and trying to hold on for dear life.

Who knows what next years nationals will bring?

I can't be too unhappy with 9th—top ten despite the falls is OK, even if I was hoping to ride more consistently.

Aido managed a stellar 5th in the men's race. Deciding not to ride off the front from the gun proved to be a wise choice, as he had the staying power for perhaps his best national championship race result in elite...ever?

Go team ALAB(am)!

And now...the stunning conclusion to my exciting story...

We now return to the worst date ever. A couple of posts back I left you at an Italian restaurant in NY's Little Italy. There I sat surrounded by some of the most immature 28 year olds on the face of the earth.

Dinner was paid for (partially by me!) my date had blown the chocolate cake out of his nose, and it looked like our date is coming to a close...or was it?

I figured it was my turn to contribute to the evening, so I began dashing up and down 9th Avenue in a desperate attempt to flag a cab.

"What are you doing?!" my date inquired. "Wind sprints!" I replied, "I want to burn off my Chicken Marsala." He seemed to accept this explanation.

I felt like the Birdman of Alcatraz. I had to escape this hell, at any cost, and I was willing to do anything to anything to make it happen.

Finally, I managed to snag us a cab. It was a beautiful thing. I really enjoyed the trip home. It was a ton of fun to watch Greg hit Brian on the back of the head for 20 minutes. As we entered the city limits, my date ordered the cab to halt outside the biggest, loudest meat market in town. I was so spent from my wind sprints, I didn't have the energy to protest.

"Best friend's girlfriend" and I both needed to powder our noses, so we waded through the beer and vomit and managed to make it to the ladies room.

As we primped our hair in the mirror she remarked to me..."Aren't Brian and Greg hilarious!! They can amuse each other for ever! What do you want? They're guys!! Oooh, Modern English...I LOVE this song. Let's go!"

She grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me through the crowd.

That's when it hit me.

"This girl is deep" I thought. "She has the secret. THEY'RE GUYS!"

What did I expect? Someone to talk to me for any other reason than to ask what kind of underwear I had on or whether of not I like to give back rubs? I don't know what I was thinking.

*It was at that moment I realized that I needed a serious attitude adjustment. Sooo, I did what any respectable girl would do, I went up front while the guys talked, and I danced in place with "best friend's girlfriend." We talked about each other's new clothes and used each other's lipstick. Occasionally the boys would do something silly and we would giggle with appreciation.

At the end of the night I went home with my new boyfriend. I gave him a back rub and listened to him talk about how much money he made the previous year. I even made him a sandwich.

It was a pivotal moment in my life, because I had finally figured out how to make a relationship work.

Life is really only as complicated as you make it.

*Fake ending

Okay, the real ending is, after I used the facilities, I politely excused myself, and caught a cab home. ALONE.

When Prince Charming called the next day to ask me out on yet another date, he was shocked when I refused. He thought we had a GREAT time.

You know what they say, "You have to kiss alot of frogs, before you find your prince."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to give my husband a big hug, and thank my lucky stars that I found him.

For Sale!

Canon 50mm f/1.8 EFII lens, with new hood, 1 Tiffen UV filter, and 1 B&W polarizing filter. Great everyday lens, packaging for all except hood. $140 OBO. I'm upgrading so I don't need it any more, but it's been my favourite lens.

Canon Speedlite 430 EX II flash in box with case and small stand. Used maybe 2 dozen times, less than a year old. $225 OBO. I bought this before I realized I am a natural light photographer.

Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

We Interupt This Exciting Story For A Massive, Life Altering Headache

Judging by the overwhelming response to my last two posts, I can tell you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the end of my bad date story.

I will finish it in my next post. (Whether you want to hear it or not.)

Unfortunately my life is off track because yesterday, I experienced my first ever migraine.

And boy was it a doozy.

I'm not sure what triggered it. Perhaps it was reliving one of my worst ever dates, perhaps it was all the news I'm hearing recently of people I know losing jobs, maybe it's hormonal. My friend Sandy says migraines indicate that you have deep, unresolved issues...(what else is new?)

Whatever the cause, I'm telling you, Mister Man, it HURT. I will attempt to get this house back in order. (I've been working non-stop for over 6 hours.) I will then make myself pretty and go out on a date with my best guy. (In case you don't know who I'm referring to, that would be MY HUSBAND, a guy who knows how to treat a lady when he takes her out.)

Tonight, when I lay my head on the pillow, I will pray I never, EVER, experience the pain I felt all day yesterday.

Anyone out there a member of the "Migraine Club?"

If so, let's swap war stories.

Footnote: I've been running over the possible causes for my migraine again, and I came up with one more possibility...caffeine and sugar withdrawal. I've been trying to eat healthier (steel cut oatmeal, salads, less candy) and only have one Diet Coke a day for the past week. Is it possible that my body went into shock?? Time for some Google research.

Still workin' it

2 posts with pictures in one day. I know I could have just waited and posted again tomorrow but tomorrow's another day. I've been wanting to make a star album for awhile. And I used the same inspriration as the card I posted earlier. I'm lovin' the colour combo right now.

Workin' it

I want a new self portrait. I would like a few posed shots, and a few candid shots. I set up the camera on the tripod yesterday and out of 2 dozen shots, this one was one of the only ones I liked. I'm going to try again on the weekend. I get my hair done on Friday so I'll look even better. I discovered one eye is bigger than the other, or at least more open than the other, less is more when wearing make up, holding the camera myself and taking a picture results in my eyes crossing. I made a few cards in the last week or so. I don't think I posted them yet.
Not your normal Valentine's colours.

I got the inspiration for this right from a layout in the Stamper's Success magazine.

A little foxy thank you.

This vintage set wasn't my first choice but after seeing some samples made with it, I decided to get it and now I love it!

I love the font in the Well Scripted set.
So the sets I used in these cards...
I {heart} Hearts
Well Scripted
Vintage Vogue
Fox & Friends
...are all SU's new Clear Mount Stamps. I was leary, I'm a wood block lover, but I figured I should see these up close and personal. I ordered all my new Occasions Mini sets in Clear Mount. I have not put the label stickers on the stamps, I heard it lessens the cling ability. I like them, they are less expensive, take up less room. Do I love them? Eh...I can see myself losing smaller stamps. Also I don't have enough clear blocks yet. I'm working on that.
The following were also used and are from the new Occasions mini...
Sweet Pea Stitched Felt
Small Heart Punch
Scallop Trim Corner Punch
Perfect Polka Dots Textured Impressions Folder
And the Scallop Trim Border is from the Sale-A-Bration mini, you can earn it for free!