I'm leaving my boring castle, and run with you.

Current mood: Secret - Adhitia Sofyan

wait for 7 seconds and press PLAY to the track above. ;)

I found the vintage clock!
You know what, it reminds me of
the rash rabbit on Alice in the Wonderland :)

And yeah, this song's keep playing round and round in my head...

Can you keep a secret, just a little secret
It won't take much of your time

Maybe it's the weather, I don't really bother
I'm just trying to make you mine

Leave your boring castle
Run with me...

And when you hold my hand
I'll be all right I would not cry
Into the open air
We'll see the light along the way

Will you take a moment, just a little moment
It won't take much of your plan

If destiny is waiting, tell her I'll be walking
Cause I'm not playing the waiting game..

If destiny is waiting,
tell her I'll be leaving
Run with me
Run with me...

Secret - Adhitia Sofyan (:

..just wondering, how could he wrote this super romantic song?? This is what every girls wanna hear. Wow. He must be knowing every girls' heart then... This don't even gonna come up in my boyf's --or either my-- mind, haha.