Just one short post of me testing my new self-timer camera remote control yesterday *or what Ario Achda says, #shamelesspublication :)).... and also showing-off my (not so) new red velvet blazer I found on the thrift store at once :p I'm always a fan of velvet!

Anyway, we're entering June <3 Don't you think time just running out too fast it's a half of the year already? but June has always been my favorite month of the year. Not only because of it's my birthday, or school holiday, but I just loving June for no reasonable reason. Waking up with cloudy sky, soft rain, gloomy breeze for the whole month, the weather's just perfect, for staying at home or even when I'm stuck in a traffic jam I'm just enjoying every single moments of it. :)

Denim Market

Grand Indonesia, May 26-29. 3 days bazaar of local denim brands. :)

And here's Aye Denim's booth! My most favorite high-quality denim brand. Yes, they just launched the women denim for you, ladies! I'm gonna post my Aye Denim soon ;)

Abinnara's very cool live painting at the Denim Market :)

Thank you Cindy for helping us to be the model for Aye Denim's catwalk! Anyway, I did the make-up *for the first time I did the make-up for catwalk* and we both surprised seeing the result. Preettyyy, eh? :D

A Spoonful Of Sugar.

Dress Goddess Nefertiti, DIY boater hat, thrift flower print shawl

This outfit *mixing of the hat, vintage dress, shawl and blazer* suddenly reminds me of Mary Poppins! I guess I just need a flying umbrella. :D Thank you Nefertiti shop for sending a package of dresses as a surprise gift! They're gonna launch Goddess's summer collection, and this dress is the sneak-peek *what an honor to be the first person wearing the dress before it's launched!* ..Just stay tuned on their site :)

Creme Blazer Riots Barbie

And I'm sooo glad I finally have time for thrifting, again! I went to some flea markets recently and I found this flowery shawl *if you notice it, I'm making this thrift shawl as the collar of the dress. Well, just another way to wear shawl in different way just in case you're bored, one-minute-DIY :D* and also another goood stuffs I love, I'll post it here soon :) By the way, my mom is a fan of make-up thingy and I feel a bit tempted to play with it --I've been wanting to post some make-up stuffs I wear & I recommend, so I tried to do my own photoshoot make-up (heavier than what I wear usually) and I'm quite happy with the result :p

Strange Commercials

The product may work, I don’t know I haven’t tried it.  The commercial sure didn’t want to make me go out and buy it though.  In fact in had me laughing so hard my side ached.

Memorial Day

 [personal photograph from Boston Commons]

From Japan With Love

Look what I got from Rakuten this morning! :D

I ordered a chocolate decorating toy at Rakuten 2 days ago and this cute stuff arrived this morning ;) quick response, safe where you can get unique & good quality products from Japan, with a very reasonable price, I'm definitely gonna buy another cool stuffs from Rakuten! :D

immediately made myself chocolate + cookies crumbs :D

And here's another similar thing (which I might buy soon because it's too cute :))

And here's my other Rakuten wishlist! (in case Santa didn't read this, my birthday's coming up 3 weeks from now, so..., yeah :)) I'm craving for an astronomy projector for my bedroom, maybe a new glittery electric guitar, or else... I'm also up for cooking, gardening stuffs & fun games :p Make-up & fashion items..... Oh well, you'll find anything in Rakuten. And basically I want everything in Rakuten! Just click their site: www.rakuten.co.id and have fun! :D

What's On Jakarta

top Riots Barbie, watch Fossil, skirt Topshop

I love dikotakita.com! I'm soo happy now our city has this cool & very helpful site that makes me love this city even more :p Dikotakita is one-stop website for all of us, containing what's happening in the city! Now you have no reason to be bored, because there's actually a lot of new things you should try in the city, you just haven't know it yet ;) Dikotakita will show you cool places, yummy foods & shopping directory, yes, all information in your hands. Embrace experience!

Here's what you will get in Dikotakita:
- Vouchers of discounts & promotion, where you can get various fun & exciting offers with CHEAPER price on their website.
- Shopping & culinary destination, any cool new spots in our city
- Traffic reports around our city *this is the most important thing! follow @dikotakita and you won't be trapped in hours in Jakarta's traffic jam :)*
- Lots of idea & fun things to do in this city, oh people, Dikotakita will save you from boredom!!

You can just take a simple sign-up here, and those good things will come for FREE! check out their site www.dikotakita.com and follow their twitter @dikotakita :D

Classes are up!

12 cards in 4 different styles. Great for gifts, always have a card on hand! Envelopes are not supplied for this class.

*Birthday Stamp-A-Stack
Wednesday, June 22,  7 pm
Sunday, July 10, 1 pm

*All Occasion Stamp-A-Stack
Sunday, June 26, 1 pm
Wednesday, July 6, 7 pm

Picture This! Mini Album
This little album is made out of toilet paper rolls. The verdicts still out on if this is gross recycling or not. 
Each page holds a pull out tag for journalling or more photos.
Tuesday, June 7, 7 pm

Paper Bag Album
Make it for Spring, or end of the year teacher's gift. Put your summer photos in it!
Friday, June 17, 7 pm

Techniques University
This little book will become your inspiration bible. With almost 50 different technique in it, and all of them done by you in class, you won't ever have a boring card again! 
The class will run over 4 nights, I'm thinking one class every 2 weeks. There will be 4 class. 3 filled with techniques, and one to make the book. All supplies included. Bring your trimmer.
Wednesday, June 15, 29, July 13, and 27, 7 pm

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to sign up for any classes. Payment is due at that time to save your spot. 

Book Review: The Rape of Europa

image via Good Reads

Committing genocide is not the only way to destroy a civilization. One can attempt to do so by eliminating symbols and icons that represent the very core of that society. Lynn H. Nicholas's The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War presents in incredible detail Hitler's campaign to destroy all 'degenerate' art ("Kulturkitsch") and seize European masterpieces for himself, his colleagues, and planned museum exhibits across Europe that would showcase Aryan work. This book is not a quick read; each page contains heavily researched information about art and history. Nicholas educates the reader not only about the Nazis' program, but also about the counter-efforts they faced. One learns about American art collectors' purchasing trips to save pieces from destruction and theft; Peggy Guggenheim, founder of the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, bought Picassos, Dalis, Magrittes, and a Klee, among others. The book also focuses on the French Resistance, and in particular, Rose Valland. She took care of the collections in Paris's Jeu de Paume. The Nazis stored the artwork they were seizing in Paris in this building, and she kept secret records (they didn't know she understood German and would discuss the plans for the art in front of her), which helped keep track of the works and assist the French Resistance. With her information, they knew which German trains to not blow up. Nicholas discusses America and England's role in the theatre of war; "Monumentmen" assisted in tracking down and saving artwork, though they often clashed with military forces' responsibilities to wage war. Upon finishing the book, the reader walks away with a better understanding of World War Two. It was not simply about military victory; the Allies also fought to preserve Western civilization from the forces that would willingly destroy and corrupt our most beloved and revered icons. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

The last 2 weeks

I've been so busy doing the oddest things really. Michelle and I took a road trip to Penticton. It started of a bit shaky, and by that I mean the lady holding a "slow" sign at the road construction by Michelle's house shook the sign at her. Not at me, she was driving. I was peeing my pants laughing. She wasn't even going fast, we were 2nd to last in a long line of cars so it wasn't like a person could even go faster than the 30 kms. you have to go in a construction zone. We took the scenic route. I've lived her all my life and never took some of the roads we took, on purpose and by mistake. We never did find Summerland Sweets, but we did see some interesting sights. 

 Like this, it's right across the road from some beautiful high end condos on the beach. If you look close you can see it has everything and that it's all piled on top of everything else. A trumpet, brass candle stick holders, an antique washboard. It's an episode of Hoarders and Canadian Pickers all in one building.
We had a snack at Bliss, coffee, lunch, went to the mall, drove in circles, and went to the dollar store, we were gone all day!
 As we were heading into Penticton, which I hadn't been to in years. Michelle asks me if I know where the cake store is. Another 'pee my pants' moment. Neither one of us knew. But we still found it right away. We both bought sticks for cake pops and a few other things, like orange essence.
 I came home and made a yellow cake from scratch flavouring it with the orange. Then I made Creamsicle cake balls. And then I almost lost them due to that big fuzzy nose!
 You can see some of these turds enjoying the cake pops. And almost none of them looking at me when I said I needed a picture for my project life book.
 A few days later, Kerry and I went to Peachland. This was the second time in the week that I got to go to Bliss bakery. Like I needed it. But this time I only had a chai latte. Then we walked for miles to the car show. Along the way, people parked their car show worthy cars so we hardly noticed the distance.
 This was so stunning. White car with purple-ish flames and totally white interior. No ketchup chip or cheezie eating in that car!
 It's neat to see all the time and effort put in to the cars. The details are the main reason I go. Oh, and I kind of like spending time with that guy.
 The Blues Brothers were there. Again, attention to detail! The one guy had "JAKE" tattooed on his knuckles.

 I'm learning things I didn't plan on ever knowing...Like types of cars, "oh, look a
RED car!!!"
 And that car enthusiasts are also hockey fans. Up and down Beach Ave. people had their radios on to hear the game.

 The most interesting thing I learned was not the best thing, and it was confirmed by the Baracuda owner "Randy". Kerry had told me the back seat of one of my fav's folds down, and that the back of the trunk does too so that it's wide open and flat. I asked why, he said for 'dates'. I was like "Sure, that's what car manufactures think of." So when we ran into Randy, I said tell me the truth as to why the back of the car is like that. He didn't say anything but moved his eye brows up and down. Men.
 May Long involved Emily's first time going to the festivities, at least that she can remember. Growing up, the festivities never involved the fair. We had to sit through the ball games. Anyways, she went and was gone for about 7 hours. We got phone calls keeping us up to date on her happenings, things like "Iwentonthezipper.Itwasnotnearlyasscaryasspacemountain!I'mgoingonitagain!" Love that she kept us informed. Funny that she talked so fast. And even funnier that everything relates to how scary Space Mountain was. For me, it's the Tower of Terror. I took the elevator up to the orthodontist, it was only 28% less scary than the the Tower of Terror.
And to finish off the long weekend, we went down to watch Kerry's nephew J's grand march for grad. Funny story, his date is the daughter of one of the girls Kerry gradded with. Officially old.