Weekend happenings

We went to my first hockey game on Saturday night with Jeanette and Cal. We had a very yummy dinner and sat at the rails and watched a very uneventful game. But we had a good time! Thank you, J and C!
I went to a craft sale with Terrell, and then on to Michaels and hold your hats, I didn't buy anything. I didn't find anything I wanted or needed. And no, I'm not sick.
We had dinner at my parents last night and got all caught up with the F family from Thursday's shoot.
We've, and I use that term lightly, gotten a bunch of Christmas shopping under our belts.
My can-dented foot is causing me pain. I wish I didn't have to work today, I'd like to sit around, get caught up on Y&R and put my foot up.
I mailed my Christmas cards on Thursday, some people got them on Friday, I mailed them TOO early, what was I thinking?

An educational post...

Since today is the Monday following a long holiday weekend, and we're all a bit burnt out from travel, family interactions and chowing down, I thought I'd give you a little history lesson.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I love the f-word. There are so many great ways to use it, as this video confirms.

I try not to use it too much, since it's not very ladylike, and I am nothing if not refined. Really, I AM!! And if you say otherwise, than F YOU!!! (I'm kidding...you know I love you.)

Before we continue, clear the room of all the kiddies, crank up the volume, and enjoy.

I never said I was perfect

I am learning that I should always go with my gut, you know, those little niggling feelings that this person isn't right, this isn't what you were looking for, first impressions are usually the right ones, and as Maya Angelou says "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them." Why, oh why didn't I do that? I need this tattooed on my arm! I give second chances, which seems human, nice, the right thing to do, but when it happens over and over again and I get burned, I should learn from that. I should listen when other people give warnings. Shame on me. I apologize to those people that I did not listen too.

I also believe communication is a big thing, you have a problem with me, tell me. Deal with me.

If you don't agree with this, or you think it's aimed at you, remove me from your blog list, don't come here any more. Maybe while you're at it, remove MY pictures from your blog.

Little D

I met with the F family for a little photo shoot. I'm trying to build up my portfolio, and get some practice too. It was great to see them again, it's been a year or two since I saw mom and little D. I grew up with little D's mom, we've known each other since she was probably little D's age. Our moms are BFs.

Little D is such a handsome guy. He does the same sideways eyes that Shaun does, always checking out what is going on around him. Here's a few of my favourites. I'm really loving the Pioneer Woman's 70's action.
And how cute is Button? She is such a good dog, not like my monsters.
Would it be too weird to put this kid on my Christmas cards? If I hadn't already mailed them out, I might think about it! Heck, I'm thinking about making more just to send one out with this cute face on it!

American Thanksgiving

I am dedicating this post to some of our American friends. We've never met. I think I found her blog through some scrapbooking site, maybe SISTV, I don't remember. She 'lives' at Disneyland. I love Disneyland. Her guy likes Subarus, Kerry likes Subarus. We started emailing, facebooking, and sending goodies back and forth.
Today, on U.S. Thanksgiving, I got a little heavy box full of goodies, Subaru, scrapbooking, dog themed and chocolate. Hershey's kisses, the kinds we Canadians can't get. Specifically Candy Corn, which I thought was pretty darn good, and Candy Cane, which is good too, but the best darn things are the Pumpkin Spice kisses. 3 bags of them. Which is darn good because I could eat one of them myself and no one would be the wiser, I'd have a stomach ache but what else is new?

Anyway, I want to wish my American friends a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. And to Amy, David and Trevor-Two-Thumbs-Up a very big "I'm so thankful I have the Internet and it led me to friends like you!"
This is totally mushy, must be the endorphins brought on by the wicked box of chocolate!
Thank you!!!

Vive la nourriture!

I am in no way a 'foodie.' I hate watching cooking shows, I thought "Julie and Julia" sounded like a dumb movie, and my idea of a great meal is Spaghettios, a jar of minced garlic, and Vanilla Coke. But 18th and early 19th century French history does interest me greatly (my history capstone paper from undergrad was an analysis of how historians have interpreted Marie Antoinette's moral character and role in history), so this article in the New York Times was rather enjoyable for me. It discusses the rise of restaurant culture and an early influential food critic, Grimod de la Reyniere. I hope you enjoy it!

How a few little words can brighten your day!

Kerry has never been a get-the-point-across kind of guy. He needs a shirt that says "Riddle me this!"
Last night he told me that the guy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon had changed his name to Ochocinco and that the guy, Chad, was number 85. And I said "What does his jersey number have to do with anything?" and he's like "Don't you get it? Isn't it stupid?" and I still didn't get it. So I said "Tell me again what it is you are trying to say?" And that's when he said "Ochocinco is like Spanish for 85!"
Today, he sends me a cryptic email one that says he'll be shopping for bike parts on Dec. 15th instead of in the Spring. To which my usual sunny self replied "Says WHO?" and then I hit the send button, that's when the mental link we married people seem to acquire at "I now pronounce you man and wife" kicked in and I got it, maybe bike parts go on sale!
Ya, they don't and let's just say he can get his bike parts and I'll pay off my camera and lens.

My friend, Nancy, gave me a make-your-own-photo-coaster kit a few years ago and I was always too afraid to try it, but then Marg said she was making some stamped coasters and it prompted me to get my kit out. I headed off to Office Depot to get the images colour copied. And it worked! The kit came with 4 tiles, and more than enough of the other supplies to do at least 4 more tiles. I see many photo coasters in my future.

Something for everyone...AKA "The Look for Less"

I thought I'd hold off on posting until Monday, but since it's almost Black Friday, I had to give you some shopping info.

First off, Preppy Player directed my attention to this J. Crew Long Boyfriend Blazer and the minute I saw it, I loved it. At $215 I thought I'd wait until Christmas and get it as a gift. (Although J. Crew is having a 20% off sale this weekend, so you can get it for $175.)

But then, I saw this...

...at Ann Taylor Loft. The Bi-Stretch wool blazer for $128. This blazer is almost IDENTICAL to the J. Crew one. The only difference I saw was the thin belt that came with it, which I hated, so I threw it away. The day I bought this Loft was having a 30% off sale, so I snagged this baby for less than $90. (Sorry the picture is so small, it's all I could get.)

Next up, jewelry. I have been eyeing up this Anthroplogie Stormy Sea necklace for quite some time. My friend Jenny has it in the Sea Foam version. (No longer available) and I love the way it looks on her.

Then I saw NieNie wearing it on The Today Show and I had to have it. I went into Anthropologie and tried on the latest version in this cream color. Bummer. It looked stupid on me. Some people remove a couple of stones from the ends and they say that can make a difference. You might try that.

What I did find was this necklace. The Anthroplogie Radiant Necklace. It comes in this gorgeous berry color, and an awesome pale slate blue.

It was so hard to decide, but since I could only get one, I went with the slate. It was on sale for $28, on-line it's still $48, so I guess I got lucky!!

I might go back for the berry in a few weeks.

So there you have it. If you are out and about this shopping weekend, take a trip to Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew and Anthropologie. Compare and contrast these items, and then let me know how it all turned out for you.

In return, I hope you will let me in on any of your latest fashion finds.

We fashionistas need to look out for eachother! (Yeah, that's right, I called myself a fashionista...you got a problem with that?)


It's been a day since Paramore release their second clip of Brand New Eyes Album, 'Brick By Boring Brick' (yesterday), and I can't waiiiitttt to watch it!!! Baru hari ini gue sempet liat video klipnya, dan kalian harus nonton juga :D

Where are the guys????? yeah, read the description below, I'll show you :)

Not a very good AV quality, better watch it on Paramore's official web :)
Komen gue setelah nonton vklipnya??? Yep I've seen Hayley with her new blond hair without makeup :/ tapi di foto itu ternyata beda sama di clip ini :) Her blond wavy hair looks so lovely! Entah ini menurut gue aja ato kalian juga berpikiran gitu, tapi Hayley di clip ini sekilas mirip-mirip Taylor Swift dan Taylor Momsen (yeah, both blond Taylor, haha) :/ Trus kadang juga terlihat mirip sama AnaSophia Robb. Di sini jelas cantikan Hayley :] She looks cool with her blond hair, tapi gue kangen liat rambut merahnya yang superrrrkereennnnabiisssss ;( Malahan rambut merahnya itu 'Paramore' banget.


Selain itu, video ini dipenuhi effect2 fairytale yang magical tapi agak-agak weird dan quirky, sesuai dengan lagunya. Somehow it reminds me of Tim Burton's Alice in the Wonderland, even I haven't watch that! The little girl's cute. Hayley's cool and lovely. BUT WHERE'S THE GUUUYYYSSS?????? Hayley keliatan seperti penyanyi solo, dan gue menunggu adegan all the guys rockin out with her, seperti di semua clip sebelumnya.


Dari awal gue agak mikir, mentang-mentang lirik reffnya 'Go get your shovel, and we'll dig a deep hole, to bury the castle, bury the castle' (ya, gue udah afal mati nih lagu, hahahah), tapi ga harus juga si orang ini gali kuburan di depan Hayley dari awal lagu sampe akhir -___-" ....... and soon I realized that it was Josh! Oh Josh, sayang sekali di clip ini gue ga bisa melihat dirimu yang keren abis megang gitar, bukan megang sekop buat nyerok tanah kuburan :( But you still look cute, anyway :)


Dan yang lain? kalo liat clip ini sekali mungkin lo ga akan menyadarinya dan cuma bisa nebak-nebak, but yeps, Jeremy is the 'prince --or knight with shining armour' on 1:40, quite easy to recognize him :)

Zac jadi something-fury yang merayu-rayu si anak cewe itu, di 1:48, maybe. I'm not sure because on the 'making of Brick By Boring Brick clip', he wore some kinda burglar costume :/

Dannnn....... Taylor ke mana? dia di 1:55. Tapi yang manaaa?? tetep gak keliatan. Believe it or not, he's the green garden gnome -________-" Udah bentar, gak jelas pula. Oh, nasib personil baru hahahah ;D


Trus maksud dari lagu dan video klip aneh ini apaan? Lagunya Paramore kebanyakan gak terlalu jelas artinya dan ber-ambigu. Menurut gue tadinya, ini mirip Misery Business, Hayley ngomongin tentang seorang cewek tricky dan sombong yang hidup di dunianya sendiri. Tapi ternyata di video clipnya, banyak yang menyimpulkan kalo ini tentang seorang cewe naif yang hidup dalam dunia fairytale-nya sendiri dan akhirnya dia kecewa karena kenyataannya nggak seperti fairytale dan mengubur semuanya.

Ada juga yang menyimpulkan,
the little girl is Hayley and that is her childhood (makanya mungkin sengaja dibikin mirip) but she soon finds out that the fairytales are lies (wich she finds out in the mirror room) and the castle turns evil so she starts running and falls into the hole. Then Hayley (now) looks at the doll then throws it in the whole and Josh starts burying it which is their metaphor for burying your childhood it was not abuse, it was to teach you a lesson. Semua orang nangkepnya beda-beda, but it's a great clip from Paramore, though :)



My December Daily

Good points brought up in the conversation between me and myself yesterday, as I tried to decide if I was going to make a December Daily album :

Do I have time to commit to documenting our daily life in December?
~No, I probably don't.
Will I remember to jot something down everyday?
~No, probably not.
Will I take a picture a day to put in the album?
~Yes, I might.
Will I get the family to contribute to the album?
~I will try, I will yell, I will bribe, and then they will.
If the pictures get taken, if the words get written down, will I put them in the album right away?
~ I think so.
Will we cherish the album forever if I do commit to it?
~Yes, we will.

I will add embellishments and days of the month as I add photos. I will also add the year to the cover. I have to tell you, this was much easier than I thought it would be. I started yesterday mid-day, worked on it a few hours and then a few more this morning. I pulled everything from my stash that I wanted to add to it, trying to keep with the colour scheme of the Fa La La Making Memories paper I bought in the summer. By the time it is full, I will have to replace the binder rings with larger ones.

You knew I had to do it!!

It's that time of year again. The time to take a moment to give thanks for all our blessings.

So, without further ado, here are some things I'm thankful for, some profound, and some shallow as can be!!

1. My beautiful daughters who I love more than words can ever express.

2. My amazing husband who I don't always appreciate enough. (And is hopefully sitting somewhere thinking about how damn lucky he is that he has me!) Thank goodness we came into each others' lives. We both put up with a lot, but in the end, we both know we will always be there for each other and we've had a ton of fun along the way. (Yeah, I know CORNY!!)

3. Discovering the flatiron and hair straightening products. After I had children my hair took on some strange twists and turns. Many days I would let it air dry and walk around with big pieces sticking up to and fro. (Pun intended.) Since my awakening, I now sport smooth, frizz free locks. Thank you sweet Lord.

4. Tennis. Thank goodness I got back into it 6 years ago. I love everything about it, and if I come back in another life I want to be a child who picks up a racket at the age of 2 and trains non stop at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Don't tell me that it's not good for kids. It's my reincarnation and that's what I want!!!

5. My blog friends. I love that I have so many people who I can turn to make me laugh, give me fashion advice, debate politics with and who give me a peek into their lives each and every day. Isn't it amazing that people from so many different backgrounds and parts of the world can get together everyday for a little visit? So much fun.

6. The last things I'll mention are some goodies that I can't live without:, my "Mother's Little Helpers," Diet Coke, the Keurig coffee maker and my friend Kate's amazing peanut brittle. Each one is such a pick me up for me, when I need a boost and they're all legal.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Catch you on Monday.

Technology Wars Update

So, guess whose camera phone isn't working? Hahahahaha. Poor mom. And the 'rents are also unable to access the Internet at this time, since their computer is being worked on.

The Parents 2
Laura 2

I probably qualify for a horrible child, but this is all in the spirit of good fun and benign schadenfreude.

Hello, World

I can't believe R&C is getting read all across the globe!
I never would have imagines our little project would end up being accessed all across the world.
Thank you to all the recent commenters and all our readers; much love to you all!

Longer weekends, please.

I think that I might have to start taking Monday and Tuesday off. This time of year gets so busy with classes, I'm not complaining, but by the time Monday rolls around I'm tired already.
I had my Christmas Cocoa Card Tote class and it went great. I love this littel tote with it's cute cards. Good thing I made two.

Next Sunday is the Christmas Jingle Trifold album class. It's easier than it looks and makes a great gift. It's also easy to duplicate so you can make more. I will be making a few of them. I'm offering a choice of Christmas or Baby theme. I can't decide if I want to even start a Daily December album. The idea is that you make your album out of pretty much anything, it's very eclectic. I have so much stuff that it really shouldn't cost me anything because I could pull stuff out of my stash. And then you are supposed to photograph and journal your month of December. This is from shopevalicious.com. This is Ali Edwards' album. I love the hodge podge feel of the albums, I love the documenting. I don't know if I will love the work. I can take pictures every day, I know I can do that, but of what? 30 days of Linus and Sally will get pretty boring. Maybe I should make mine a Weekly December album or Every Other Day in December.

I also want to make an advent calendar. So many things, so little time! By the way, where did the year go?


It feels soooooooooo looonggg since I'm not singing with the band, RiotsBarbee.. ya, berasa udah lama banget. Gue baru upload videonya ke youtube tadi siang. Udah lama sih manggungnya, hampir setengah taun yang lalu, tapi baru sempet di-upload sekarang. Comment and rate yaaa :)

Hmm, yaps, audio-video qualitynya memang kurang bagus, soalnya waktu itu direkam pake handycam seadanya, en yang ngerekam mungkin sambil joget2 juga waktu itu jadi rekamannya ikutan goyang-goyang begini, haha. But I'm happy to read all your comments in my twitter, thanks for all the constructive comments :)

Sonia Eryka Moe

A good reason

Last night was UFC 106. What's that to you? Probably not much. And a year or so ago, it wasn't anything to me either. My dad has a group of friends that get together at his place to watch Ultimate Fighting. Kerry is a regular, unless Brock Lesner is fighting, then Kerry doesn't really care to go, or so he says. Anyway, I don't like blood, so I didn't care to join in. But then my friend Misty-Rae and her husband Dave were regulars too, and I was hearing all about how much fun it was. So I went to my first fight, it was between George St. Pierre and some other lowly fighter. I liked it! And George, GSP, was something else. He's smooth, he's calculating, he's fast, he's yummy, he's Canadian.

It's always a full house at dad's, about a dozen or more. You have to get there early to get the good seats. Mom hides out in her sewing room or goes to Grandpa's. When I first started going, there were never any snacks. I like snacks. We did a pot luck once and it was awesome and ever since then, there's been snacks, nothing fancy, bags of chips, pretzels, Doritos. And it's mostly guys, only 3 girls, but I think us 3 girls know more about fighting then half the boys. Any of us girls could take on most of the guys.

I learned a few things last night, like...

1. GSP will be trying out for the Olympic wrestling team. If he makes it, he will be the only reason I watch 2012 Olympics. They interfere with regularly scheduled television programs.
2. Lightweight guys are scrappy, I want to be scrappy and lightweight.
3. Crazy Eyes, if a fighter has them, he'll probably win.
4. You should never ever poke a guy in they eye or pretend to get poked in the eye, the cameras tell the truth and Crazy Eyes probably poked himself in the eye.
5. UFC fighters have no idea what a good hair style is, when it doubt, shave it off! Take GSP for example. Ladies like him, this guy for instance, Josh Koscheck, sure he won, but he's got crazy hair and crazy eyes.
Or this guy, Dan Hardy. He's scheduled to fight George St. Pierre for the title. Icky hair, even ickier tattoo.6. Jumping on Kerry's back and trying to put him into a triangle hold with my arms while squeezing the life out of him with my legs and yelling "I'm scrappy!" at the same time will excite the dogs to no end and it will take a few minutes to get everyone calmed down and I may have peed myself from laughing so hard.


Not much happened this week.

Here are my highlights...
- did some scrapbooking for my dad
- got my hair cut and coloured
- made and ate cinamon buns
- am crazy busy with classes
- started Christmas shopping
- got new Soft Moc slippers
- have decided that there are only 2 things that I NEED/WANT in my arsenal, a fish eye lense, and a larger memory card, I'm a simple girl
- I'm not a simple girl, I'm a spoiled girl and I have everything else I would ever need and that's why I only need those 2 things
- ordered some stuff of Amazon, like the Glee soundtrack so that Kerry can put it in my stocking, just making sure I get what I want
- insured my camera and all my fixings, only to have my dad ask 'how much?', I made a face and then when I told him, he and Kerry discussed how a decent bike would be just over that amount. Why does it always come back to bikes? Who knows, who cares, it took their minds off the amount. The nice thing is that I didn't pay that much, the bulk of it being purchased used from a photographer that is switching to Nikon from Canon. Sad but true.
- having lunch with MR today, then a scrapbooking class and then fight night

So there it is, nothing too exciting.
Here's my picture of the day for you!
"I've already sat here for 4 pictures, just hurry up and take one more."

Growing Up and Hating It....

Here is the story you've all been waiting for.

My daughter and the girls in her 5th grade class were paraded to the nurse's office on Tuesday for "The Talk."

You know what I'm talking about. Anyone who went to public school remembers the moment in 5th or 6th grade, when the boys got sent to the gym and the girl's headed to the nurse and they all learned "the facts of life."

The boys were educated about wet dreams and the girls learn about breast buds and periods.

When I was a youngster we received the book "Growing Up and Liking It." See the cover above? That is the EXACT cover of the book I had. My friends and I used to pull it out every once in awhile for laughs.

Someday I'll tell you some of my goofy adolescent stories. We were very inappropriate.

We also got a sample belt and pad the size of a Sealy Posturepedic mattress. They came in a little blue box. Freaky.

Anyway, my daughter's nurse added a little twist to the period talk that I never experienced.

A tampon demonstration.

Before you scream, or call protective services, she didn't actually show them how a tampon REALLY works. What she did do, unknowingly, is to cement in the girls' minds that they want to use pads. FOREVER.

She took out a tampon, removed in from the applicator, stuck it under running water and showed the girls how it E-X-P-A-N-D-S and absorbs moisture.

They were informed that if they laughed or snickered they would be ejected from the demonstration.

Wow. What a challenge that must have been.

The minute my daughter got into my minivan after school, she informed me that she is AFRAID of getting her period. I guess the vision of a tampon the size of a cow's udder sitting in her privates was a bit shocking.

Great job Nursey.

In a couple of years it will be time for the birth control talk.

Maybe she can show them a video of a woman experiencing natural childbirth. Or better yet, maybe she can attach a condom to the faucet to show them how much liquid THAT holds.

And they better not laugh.

Tampons, condoms and wet sheets are serious business.

And don't you forget it.

Hokitika, Christchurch and home

Totally missed updating at Hokitika. It rained pretty much the whole
time. No riding the day of the hike—dicky ankle and 6hours of car trip
makes me quiet and morose.
The next day we poked around the quaint
little seaside town, which somehow survives on selling stereotypical
jade necklaces to willing old ladies piled into a tourbus equipped
with a long-socked tour guide and the avoid-at-all-costs loo at the
back of the smelly greyhound.
We did see some kiwis and Aidoo fed giant eels at the national kiwi
centre in the town, I love keewees!
Anyway, we went for a little ride to the Hokitika mtb park—it was
boggy and horrible and I was riding like a pancake without butter or maple syrup.
Anyway, next day was the awesome drive through arthurs pass to
Christchurch. Freezing cold, though
Anyhoo, after what seemed like a whole day, we arrived to our crappy
ex-hostel apartment in the 'church. Space cadet after car time, we
didn't ride but scoped out town, followed by a few beers and sushi!
Today we rode for four hours up and along the porthill trail network.
Aaaaaaweso e fun! Rocky, sometimes technical but always fun. A hoot! I
want to live in the 'church.
We had coffee, bagels and muffins. Mmmmmm....
Then I chopped all my hairoff. An awesome meal with my husband leaves
me with only one day left over the ditch :(
More porthills tomorrow!

Hiking hubbard

Today was a sex hour drive to Hokitika. It rained the whole way and I
felt carsick around the windy windy 'main' road up the west coast.
All was not lost though, as we hiked up to Roys peak-1650m in
altitude. Well, we got about 200m from the topamd my cavernous
blisters popped, leaving me with some major pain and so we hiked down.
Man, you should see these blisters-they're the size of fufty cent piece!
So... Gleefully we ran down the hill, and all of a sudden SNAP! Argh!

I rolled my ankle like a hiking hubbard (that I am) and am screaming
on th side of a mountain. About 5km from the bottom! No choice but to
hobble down, knowing that I have yet again torn my ankle ligaments.
This is so uncool! Same ankle And everything. Oh well, ankles aren't
required for 6 hour car trips-are they?

Mountain goating


Today we rode up a big fuckoff mountain. Approx 1200m of vertical
climbing in the first hour and a half, on rutted, grassy, rocky goat
track. Needless to say we weren't moving very fast.
We rode to 1100 m above sea level and then hike a biked to 1400m. The
view was astounding! The DEscent was a brake burner. Probably about
20m or so of pure, goat track descent.
Then we encountredYFFGV some cows. I FUCKING hate cows, and was
totally unimpressed.
Anyway, we cruised home with a detour to the cafe, got changed and
went to puzzling world, such is largely unumpressive and gave me
vertigo. Damn puzzles. We got stuck in a shit maze- didni mention I
was unimpressed at this stage?
Anyway, at least we got to take som funny pictures with the tower of
We then drove to Motatapu gorge-truly awesome, photos don't do it
Where to next ? You may ask- to the speights ale house for a pale ale
and a bug fuckoff pot of mussels, ooh yeah. Mum would be so proud.

Today we left the magical village of queenstown, in search of more
sweet trails and good coffee in the little town of Wanaka.
On the way though we stopped at the historic Arrowtown, which is cute
to the enth degree. I could live in Arrowtown, despite the fact that
it is another nz town surviving on the salenof stuffed sheep and ugh
Anyway, somehow wanaka reminds me of, like amity from the movie Jaws.
I am not sure why, considering the water is a big lake, which is
surrounded by snow capped mountains. But anyway...
We rode the sticky forest this afternoon for 2 1/2 hours, a very small
mtb park carved into a pine forest. Makes it a soft landing if you
come off. It's a weird sandy, soft dirt there-drift a Rama. We rode
some of the black diamond runs- some were just really steep with ruts,
others had avoidable gap jumps, and others had a scary north shore
section with 8 foot drops—yikes!!
But on the whole, pretty fun. Lots of whooping great fun berms, like
Also discovered GIANT licorice allsorts at New World today...mmm

Damn the burrito

Today is the 11th of the 11th. Crazy.
Aiden seems to be suffering the after effects of a dodgy burrito or
something. He's not a very happy camper so far today.
We have grand plans to check out the sweet looking trails that are
carved into the side of the gondola mountain...
Which, I just found out, is a decent half hour climb probably
17percent for four k. Seriously, I wad fourth from granny-standing you
get no traction so there's no option but to sit and grind it out.
Anyway, so we get to the top where the skyline gondola is. It looks so
very far away when you're in town. And it is. Great view.
Aidens note: Anna does complete ride with different lens in each side
of her glasses. She realises when I tell her at the caff.

Bumming around 'ol Queenstwon

The Epic Burrito