From Japan With Love

Look what I got from Rakuten this morning! :D

I ordered a chocolate decorating toy at Rakuten 2 days ago and this cute stuff arrived this morning ;) quick response, safe where you can get unique & good quality products from Japan, with a very reasonable price, I'm definitely gonna buy another cool stuffs from Rakuten! :D

immediately made myself chocolate + cookies crumbs :D

And here's another similar thing (which I might buy soon because it's too cute :))

And here's my other Rakuten wishlist! (in case Santa didn't read this, my birthday's coming up 3 weeks from now, so..., yeah :)) I'm craving for an astronomy projector for my bedroom, maybe a new glittery electric guitar, or else... I'm also up for cooking, gardening stuffs & fun games :p Make-up & fashion items..... Oh well, you'll find anything in Rakuten. And basically I want everything in Rakuten! Just click their site: and have fun! :D