I have to admit...

I'm not feeling witty. I'm not feeling interesting. I've got nothing to talk about.

But that's never stopped me from writing a blog post before, so here goes!!!

Today is my "cleaning day" which means I'll talk on the phone alot, because the only way I can pass the time happily is to gossip while I scrub. If you have my phone number and want to chat, I'll be home all day.

Yesterday I had one and a half root canals and wrote a check to my dentist for $1,400. I'm a tooth grinder. My dentist told me that cracked teeth and stress fractures are an epidemic these days, which I guess means the lousy economy is working out pretty well for the dentists of America.

Next Friday we head to Orlando for five days to stay with my parents. We still haven't decided which Disney venue to hit. I'm thinking we might head to one of the theme parks on Superbowl Sunday. What do you think? We could care less about the Superbowl this year. None of my favorite teams made it to the big day, so maybe we can avoid some lines.

Now for some tennis...how about that Australian Open? LOVE IT!!! The only drawback? Sooo distracting for me!!! The highlight for me is the return of Justine Henin. I love short little players. They give me hope.

That's what's going on here in Jersey.

Pray something interesting happens to me today.

My blogging well is running dry.