Questions answered.

1. -2 is cold, it's been above 0 for a long time. Flowers are tricked into starting to bud. Orchardists are worried that the trees might bud and then the real weather will come and wreck everything.

2. Gas is cheap, it was up to $1.17 a liter.

3. Amy, be more specific, asking if that's my mom in the first picture, there's a whole bunch of moms in that picture. Mine is the one on the left, the Japanese one. Funny but true story...Kerry and I were discussing the health of our family members. I said I didn't know of any Asians that had asthma, and I thought and I thought and then I said "Oh, whatever, I don't ever know that many Asians!" Kerry looked at me like the idiot I am. I said "Oh, ya, more than half the people I'm related to are Asian, silly me!" I believe none of them have asthma.

4. If you have a tv that is older than 5 yrs. but more likely 10 yrs. old and your parents gave it to you without a remote control, throw it out, don't try to keep it so the kids can have a tv devoted to Dance Dance Revolution. It's not worth it to drive around town, buying different remotes, returning those remotes, doing research on-line, punching in 3200 codes, making long distance calls because no Universal Remote will work with it. The very helpful Rolly at London Drugs pulled up the local want ads and told me to go and buy a used tv for under $50 WITH a remote and manual. I'm a bit sad for this tv, it's not the best quality but it still works, it would be good for someone that needs exercise, as you have to get up and push the buttons on the tv if you want to change the channel. Oh, wait, maybe will skip the Dance Dance Revolution and just use the tv for exercise. Kids will love it!

5.This is my grandpa, he's an antique, he's 91. He's not doing so well. And not that I expect him to live forever, I know all about the circle of life, I'm not prepared to have him go to the bowling alley in the sky. He's feeling pretty weak lately and probably can't bowl on Friday, mom says if he can't bowl, then what's the point? If I suddenly stop blogging in the next bit, it's because something has happened with grandpa and I'm needed elsewhere.