Turn that frown upside down!

As you may recall, I was a bit P.O.ed yesterday. I had a pretty hard time letting it go, so I decided to try to do something positive.

Sooo, today I made some calls to some people in my life who I have been neglecting and I followed through on some favors I've owed.

Having someone break a promise to me was a wake up call. It hurts when people say they're going to do something and then they don't follow through.

I also received an apology phone call from the woman who did me wrong. Some people advised me to let her have it and tell her off. I chose not too. In the long run I have to see this person at least a few times a week, why create a battle? I don't really trust her anymore, but I'm not going to go for her throat.

I wonder if she knows how close she came to feeling the sharp thud of a rock on her cranium? Lucky for her I'm such a mature, level headed person-damn I love myself.