Who knew? (Not me)

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my eyebrows were looking less than well groomed. Rather than go through the time and expense of a professional waxing, I took a tweezer to them and thought they were lookin' pretty good.

Little did I know...

My neighbor, who I love and who has great taste, told me that she had just returned from a visit to the "Arch Angels." The what??! Yes, the "Arch Angels." They are two women who all the ladies in the know go to to have their eyebrows done to perfection. Apparently the shape of your eyebrows can really make a huge difference in your appearance. I have to admit, my friend's eyebrows were a work of art. She opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I started noticing other people's eyebrows and now I GET IT! Sooo, for the next couple of weeks I will be growing in my overzealous pluck job, at which time I will truck my hiney over to the "Arch Angels" for a $28 eyebrow makeover.

This could change my life. (And it's sooo much cheaper than Botox.)