I'm floored!

This isn't a political blog, so I haven't commented on the upcoming presidential election. I mean the US Open is on, so I can only take so much excitement.

That being said, I LOVE drama, so I am really excited about John McCain's choice for a running mate. Sarah Palin is a really interesting woman. No matter what your party affiliation, you have to admit, her story is really intriguing. She is definitely not your run of the mill politician.

I was glued to the DNC the past few nights, but now I'm really hooked.

I genuinely hope the American public uses their right to vote, and that they vote for the candidate they feel is right for the job. It shouldn't be about race or gender, but let's not fool ourselves, some people choose their candidates based on some pretty lame criteria.

How exciting is it that this January we will either have a black president, or a female vice-president? In either case, it's about time and history WILL be made!

What do you think about this new twist in the race for the White House?

Any opinions on Obama's speech last night? Let's get down and dirty! But not too dirty, remember this is a family friendly blog :) (And remember, we're all in this together!)