Much Ado About Nothing...

I finally did it! I got my stupid little signature at the bottom of my posts.

Big deal, right? I agree, but little did I know what a pain in the a-- it would be to get it there!

Like so many other things in life, that SEEM like they would be easy, this turned out to be pretty darn time consuming. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's like when you want to get some simple white plates or a basic black cardigan, and you end up going to 30 stores to find the right thing. 3 hours later you still haven't completed the "simple" little task you set out to complete.

Thanks to Mrs. K and Clemson Girl for leading me to My Live Signature. They have a great selection of fonts. Unfortunately, the html code generated by kept putting a border around my signature. It was really getting on my nerves. After all my effort and frustration, you would think I would give up. After all, who the hell cares if I have a signature at the bottom of my posts? I know, it's STUPID, but I couldn't give up.

Luckily Maria from Immoral Matriarch stepped in and led me to Judith at The Only Thing I Know. Judith designs blogs (she did mine and I love it!) and she has tutorials on her website.

Sooo, I used her tutorial, tweaked it, tweaked it again, and again and again...and finally-I GOT THE GOD DAMNED SIGNATURE.

I know, if we were at a cocktail party and I was telling you this story, you would have excused yourself to go to the bathroom three paragraphs ago. But this is my blog and I can be boring if I want to!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading this post. I promise next time YOU do a boring post I'll read the whole thing.