My new idol...

I'm finally able to write about my friend's Southern Living at HOME party on Wednesday.

For those of you who have never heard of it, Southern Living at HOME (notice the HOME in all caps...) is a line of products inspired by the style of Southern Living magazine. Independent Consultants, like me, sell the products in people's homes through parties.

Many times, these parties involve quite a bit of alcohol consumption. The party Wednesday night was no exception.

The woman having the party has 9 year old triplets and she is the picture of organization. She contacted me to have a party, and from the moment we started planning the party she was completely take charge. (In a good way.) She was the ideal hostess. She handed out catalogs to all her friends and relatives and sold over $1,000 in products before the party even started!

When I arrived at her impeccably decorated house the day of the party you should have seen the spread she had out for her guests. Homemade cookies, red and white sangria, beer, wine, and appetizers galore. Everything looked beautiful (including her).

Her children were standing in the kitchen DROOLING over the sweets. Finally one of her daughters said, "Mom, you know I'm really dying for one of those cookies." Mom shot her one look, and the child backed off. She has those children completely trained. My kids would have attacked the plates the minute my back was turned. Even her dog was well trained. He sat there all white and fluffy, in his little Burberry collar and we never heard a peep out of him.

I wish I could spend a few days with her and learn how she does it. I think the "organization and take charge" gene is inherited. While I know I will never achieve her level of control, maybe some of it will rub off on me! My husband would love it. (Although he should be careful what he wishes for, she runs a tight ship and on a ship there can only be ONE captain!)

Anyway, the party was really fun, and she sold over $3,000 worth of products. (And the orders are still coming in-YAY!)

The only drawback? Trying to calculate sales, tax and shipping and handling with a major buzz going! Oh well, it's an occupational hazard.

Being a party girl is hard work!
Footnote: I know people's reactions when they get invitations to these parties...most people say "SHIT!" (Believe me, I've been there.) But then they force themselves to go and they are usually glad they do!!
Sooo, if you live in driving distance to Central Jersey and you want to gave a party, let me know! I promise to write lots of nice things about you on my blog!!