I won the lottery!!

I got picked in the "lottery" to be class mom for Catherine's kindergarten class.

If you've ever been a class mom I'm sure you know that whoever your co-class mom is can make or break the entire experience.

It's like a marriage, or business partnership. The right chemistry is crucial.

I am a lucky lady, because my co-pilot is AWESOME.

I can tell that we are going to have a very good year. She's laid back, normal and cooperative.

When Meg was in First Grade I shared my class mom duties with a "super mom. " She was a pre-school teacher who would bake and decorate homemade cookies for the class just for the fun of it. She would send in goody bags for every holiday (including Groundhog Day and President's Day) she chaired about fifty different different committees and had four children all about a year apart in age. She was also extremely upbeat and always peppy.

In a way it was great. I could pretty much sit back and let her handle everything, The only problem was, if I had a suggestion, she would get a funny look on her face. It was her way or the highway. Since I don't have a huge ego about things like my class mom image. (My tennis ego is a different story.) I just followed orders and things went very smoothly.

I glanced around the room today at and looked at some of the people that could have been my partner. Some of them were complete nightmares.

Then I looked at my partner (do I sound gay?) and felt such relief.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (Unless of course, she just LOOKS normal and secretly she's a control freak, psycho mom who likes to do foam crafts and have birthday parties in her backyard for 100 kids who all get homemade t-shirts that she spent all night making.)

But I'm not even going to go there...