It's Back to School Night!!! And a good time was had by all...

The following is one of those posts that could come back and bite me in the ass. I'm going to live dangerously and post it anyway...

Yes indeed, tonight was Back to School night at my 9 year old daughter's middle school. This year I decided to play it low key, so I wore a cute hoodie with jeans. My hair was clean and brushed, and I had on a little Chapstick. I should have known better. Usually I plan out my outfit, and throw on some blush and mascara, but I'm still not completely recovered from my bout with strep, so quite frankly, I didn't FEEL like getting all dolled up to parade around the school.

Anyway, just as I figured, everyone had on their cute little "casual" ensembles. Their hair was nicely styled, and they had makeup and jewelry on.

I'm surprised no one asked me about the gym class I teach, or to take out the trash.

Luckily I can redeem myself at Back to School Night at the elementary school this Thursday. Believe you me, I am going to look SMOKIN!

As we were leaving my daughter's classroom I was chatting with one of the other moms in the class. This mom is a real tough cookie. She is the Principal's worst nightmare. Although she stays at home she has a Master's in Education so she knows it all. Anyway, she says to me "Rachel* is really impressed that Meg goes on "You Tube" she talks about it all the time. She is really impressed by that!" Okay lady, I get your point.

Now I'll admit to you. I let my daughters go on "You Tube" under my supervision. They like to watch "Fred." (If you don't know who he is, check him out, it's this kid named Lucas from Nebraska, he's hilarious.) They also like "Charlie bit my finger." (Once again, go look at it for yourself.) I let them look at goofy stuff like boxing cats or a dog rock band. I have filters on my computer, so they aren't watching porn. Every once in a while Fred says "Frickin." But I'm okay with that.

I read a statistic that by the time most children are 12 they've watched over 10,000 murders on TV. Now that shocked me! I don't let my children watch any shows with sex or violence, but a little goofy humor on "You Tube" is okay with me.

The problem is, my daughter really likes Rachel* and wants to have her over. Now I'm wondering if her Mom will let her, because "Meg goes on "You Tube." My husband is completely against "You Tube." I guess most parents are.

What is a "bad mother" to do???

Seriously, I want to know what you think. Should I cut her off from "You Tube" completely?

I'm not scared of what she sees. (Maybe I'm naive.) But I don't want her to get a bad reputation.

Back to School Night sucks.

*Not her real name