I am at work. It's not very interesting. A bit tired as I missed my 9pm curfew and was out at dinner and a movie until 11pm. Sounds like a romantic date, but it was with my cousin, Lucinda, so really it was just a bit of a girls night out. Fun, though.

My Brain Training game in NDS is proving to be quite enlightening, and I am tackling sudoku puzzles with great enthusiasm.

The weekend was a bit bleh, to tell you the truth. Saturday was a glorious day, it made me want to sing, and smash a harder gear. So I did- all the way to work. I must have looked strange to other cyclists as I was punching the hills and singing at the same time. Unabashedly, squawking whatever came on my iPod, which I think was a lot of Peaches, the Bravery, Dandy Warhols, Underworld and Juggernaughts. So thouhg work was quite quiet, I was happy in my little morning pain fest, and drank copious amounts of coffee. Riding home was another matter...after having 4pm beers (we close at 5!) and then riding 30km uphill back home. Little beer-flavoured vomit chunks in my mounth. Euuuch.

Sunday was a cycling disaster. I woke up to torrential rain. Wel, it was more like the torrential rain was doing cycle-trainer efforts, as it was three minutes on, three minutes off. I was not impressed, so I had brekky and then went back to bed until 10. Of course, that's never a good idea and so I spent the rest of the day in some kind of over-slept stupor. I went to Hornsby to get coffee, read the paper and buy a dress for Aidoo and AB's engagement partay next weekend (that's me!), which is no doubt very exciting. We have about 50 people coming, but budgeted for 80, and hope that we have 80 people come, becuase there sure as hell isn't going to be that many people at the wedding (sister Bink, if you're nice you MAY get an invite).

Anyway, the rain cleared about lunch time so I scurried home and lycra'd up and headed up the highway doing Berowra climbs when the heaven's opened and I went from dry dog to drowned rat in three seconds flat. Not impressed. I crept home, very unimpressed with my meagre 2hour cycle- so much for plans of a 6 hour day!