New Teaware from Jie Sen...

New teaware from Jie Sen!

Volcano Glaze Tea Jar

The first piece is an experimentation in formulating a "volcano" glaze. It was pretty successful, as you can see from the detail pics:

Volcano Glaze Tea Jar
Volcano Glaze Tea Jar

The next set of pieces is a Korean-style infuser cup and jar set:

Korean style infuser cup and jar set

The infuser:
Korean style infuser cup
Korean style infuser cup, insert
Korean style infuser cup glaze detail

And a detail from the jar:
Korean style infuser cup green glaze detail

In the background, you can see the winter chawan I carved. I'll take better pics later.
Korean style infuser cup, winter chawan in background

More later...

Many thanks to Mattcha for the Korean inspiration!