It's over, thank god.

It's over for another year, perhaps the least hyped christmas in the history of the world. Of course, marrying a Jewish man also helps to diffuse any potential excitement that may have been held for that historic christian holiday.

Hooray, anyway, we didn't end up doing too much yesterday. We just hung out and took Mondo for a gallop through the mangroves, drank coffee, ate far too much fruity biscuits and the like, and mum just kept on ploughing us full with food. Yikes.

Yikes is my new word, it's on par with that other great word, Eep.

I have just finished writing a piece for ONE mag and Freewheel on a new Crumpler Bag, so I am pretty excited about that and hopefully it's okay. I want to write more stuff, but unfortunately the cycling mag section is already saturated with inadeuate publications, no doubt bing edited by people who failed HSC English and the like.

It's really hot here at Twin Waters, which is a little less than exciting. Aido has gone cycle riding and I will go this afternoon. And that's my story, there's no espresso coffee here and I am going mental. Eep.