Morrissey, Daisy Hill and strange aches.

Well, it's officially the second last day of 2008, and to use a cliche, my how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that Aido and I were hanging around Manly, doing k's in the sun, and exploiting our proximity to Bacino Bar and $10 Ivanhoe steaks. Yes, there are some things I will definately miss about Sydders.

Yes, the 35 degree days here in Brisbane certainley can be a bot wearing, especially when you're trying to ride bikes at a reasonable hour- it just can't be done! It's 4.30am or in blistering heat, they're the only two options available. But I hope that in a few weeks (maybe a month or so to be realistic) the weather will chill the fuck out and it will be a bit more pleasant.

So we're just chilling in the apartment now, after a mega epic day, though it seems like we haven't done very much at all...Bangin Morrissey, and playing on the always awesome facebook. We did go and ride 3 hours of trails today out at Daisy Hill, Donna, Aidoo and I. It was fun, found some new ones (though I still have no idea where I am at any point during riding through there). Donna made me do some TTM's which hurt like hell, but that's what they're supposed to do I suppose. Aido did them too, with a 2min handicap, and came in a minute behind me, and then we did another one and he started a minute behind me, and caught me 50m before the finish line. Eep! All fun and games though.

Now, I am suffering from yet another mystery ailment; a stomach ache treated with panadol. It's hard work keeping cool in Brisbane.