Stress attack! Stres attack! I really need to move out. The ast few days have consisted of a variety of famioy affairs and I have decided now to take a long vacation in Vanuatu. Not realy, but I feel like I need to. Living with the parents, hanging out with Aidens two sets of parents, working with the parents etc.

Anyway, I am feeling the need to compile a list (such a frequent occurence, I know). So here goes:

Things I like about Brisbane:

1. Travelling anywhere is about a thousand times easier than it is in Sydney;
2. Things are cheaper here. Though I am crying about having to pay the same amount of rent as we were in a tiny tiny apartment in Freshwater, realistically we're paying for a 3brm house, yard etc;
3. It brings back nostalgic imagery from such movies as "he died with a felafel in his hand";
4. Big old Queenslanders;
5. Mountainbiking is pretty sweet here;
6. Mt Nebo climb; and,
7. Coffee culture is a few years behind Sydney, but there are a few gems once you have them nutted out.

Things I don't like about Brisbane:

1. It can be pretty fucking hot, I am not going to lie;
2. It's closer to parents, and there's a lotta family time going on;
3. I just want a fucking cute Queenslander in my price range—is that too much to ask?;
4. Fucking people! Everywhere...not just regular people, but people that I know from school etc. I bump into on average about 3 a day. If I want to see people from school I would contact them. There's a reason I moved to Sydney;
5. The average coffee is just that—average;
6. There is an abundance of scary-looking hubbards with tri-bars on their hybrids.

Anyway, seven versus six. Brisbane still wins.