Raising the bar...

Okay, you're right. Blogging about my colon is in poor taste.

I'm trying to come out of the closet with this blog and there are so many off limit topics. I can't bust on tennis people, or neighbors, members of the PTO or my relatives...when I start talking politics everyone gets fired up. I know you're tired of hearing about my puppy, or how much I love Diet Coke. If I were dating me, I'd dump me! (There I go again, talking about "dumping!")

Someone told me that writing about not being able to write is lame. But that doesn't stop me.

I'm clearly I'm out of good blogging ideas.

I need something that can't get me into trouble with ANYONE.

How does one go about creating an interesting blog without trashing anyone, using potty talk or revealing embarrassing family secrets?

Help me out here people! Give me some suggestions for topics. I'll take anything you've got!!!