Double stupid or double fun?

The other day it was my birthday. Awesomeness. I awoke to little trails of brightly coloured easter eggs floating around the house, leading to little presents! I am a very lucky girl, and got the KRAM Cd, a new magnetic notepad for the fridge (hooray!) and a bike THE SIZE OF A TRUCK! Yes, that's right, my double-stupid idea of a wonderful singlespeed bike, which is also rigid and has 29" wheels has finally come to fruition! Crazy as it may seem, heavy as it may be (about 1 million kgs) it is truly awesome.

In fact, I don't know why Sydney singlespeeders have such an anti-29er stance. They rock. And getting your front wheel up over stuff on a rigid bike is not hard. (However, I am guessing falling off and having your bike land on top of you could be a bad thing....).

Having one gear isn't too bad. I took 'Stevie' on her maiden voyage today around Bunya. While there really isn't any massive climbs out there, the short steep ones hurt, but weren't unrideable. Ditto getting over stuff. Granted, it's not like riding the Sydney sandstone boulders and trails are pretty pruned, but there's more than enough logs around the place.

Anyway, I put the challenge out there to all Sydneysiders that reckon 29"ers are gay. they have no idea.