I'm sorry honey, but "He's Just Not That Into You!"

Brad and I went to the movies Saturday night and saw, you guessed it.."He's Just Not That Into You."

As the mother of two girls, the first scene in the movie really hit home for me.

A little girl is playing on the playground and a little boy runs up to her. He knocks her on the ground and tells her, "You smell like poop. You ARE poop. A big smelly pile of poop!!"

The little girl cries and runs to her mom. "Mommy, Billy hates me...he called me poop!"

The mother hugs and daughter and consoles her. "Honey...do you know why Billy knocked you down and called you poop?"

"Why mommy?" The little girl implores.

"Because, sweetie, that's his way of telling you he LIKES you!"

The camera closes in on a close up of the little girl's puzzled face.

And thus starts the movie all about women rationalizing horrible treatment from men...because they over analyze being treated like crap and are so desperate to be part of a couple.

The lesson...when a boy knocks over your daughter and calls her horrible names. Tell her it's because he's an asshole. I know it's harsh, but she'll learn that word eventually so it might as well be from her mom.

Seriously, do it...I guarantee she'll remember it for the rest of her life. Yeah, she might become a militant bitch, but better that than a doormat. :)

Are you with me???

Oh and P.S. if you have sons...let them know, if they like a girl, tell her she's funny, or smart. Knocking her over and calling her a pile of poo sends mixed messages.