Racing the sunny...

Yikes. It's totally hectic here. Well, as hectic as it can be when you're on the couch in pyjimmie-jams at 3pm. I am still suffering from the after effects of a hard race, that vomity unsettled stomach brought on by an over-ingestion of sugary gu's. yuck.

It was the second race of the QLD Sunshine series today, out at Karingal, Mt Cotton (Dib Dab Dob..? It's Scout land anyhoo). Yikes, I felt like I was going to vomit before the race, throughout the race, and now I still feel like I need a bit a porcelain bowl action.

Anyway, it was a sick course, all singletrack with some short but gaggingly nasty climbs, and sweet descents. Went out hard (hey you have to be good at something...) and had about 4 min lead until partway through lap three, when i blew up and crept through the final lap and a bit, losing about 5 minutes on those two laps from my first two. However, I did hold off the competition and managed to bag some cash and the podium in pure KOMination (I love the cheese...) with Aidoo and Glen taking out first and second, respectively, in the mens field. Hooray.

I need to puke.