Real Housewives of NYC-Just throwin' it out there...

As usual, there is so much to talk about. It seems the producers of the show have decided to zero in on specific people and spotlight their flaws. The past couple of weeks LuAnn was on the hot seat. Now the focus is on Kelly. In my next post we'll get into that, but right now I'd like to talk about Simon and Alex.

Since the first episode of the show, everyone has made it clear that they think Simon is gay. I have to admit that if we go by stereotypes, he certainly appears that way. He's into fashion and has an effeminate way about him. Here's the thing. Maybe he's not. Or if he is, maybe he doesn't know it, or chooses not to act on it. I have to give the guy some credit, he and Alex seem very happy. They have so much in common! I think they have a very unusual marriage, and it seems codependent, but it works for them.

Out of all the marriages on the show, I would say Ramona and Mario have the most "normal" one. They seem to really like each other. They goof around and have fun. Nothing suspicous here.

Jill's husband Bobby seems like a nice enough guy, but it looks to me that she's in it for the money. He's a sweet man who gives her whatever she wants, but when it comes right down to it, I think she's rather cuddle with her Chihuahua than Bobby.

And then there's LuAnn and the Count. Do they EVER see each other? They seem like a couple that lives completely separate lives. Maybe it works for them, but Simon and Alex appear to have a much more loving relationship than they do.

So what do you think? Is Simon gay? If so, does he know it and chooses not to act on it? Does Alex know he's gay and doesn't care?

Sure our country is in crisis, but let's not worry about that. We need to focus on the important things, like reality TV and the lives of complete strangers.

When I worry about their lives, my own troubles seem to melt away....

(Oh and I'm sure I'll get a note from their seems whenever I put one of their pictures on my blog I get an e-mail asking me to take it down!! Tee hee)

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