Weekend funness.

Last weekend consisted of singlespeeding, going up the coast, a lot of rain, a lot of creative work, and then a burger ride in between rain showers. We rode up to Montville along Kiel Mountain road, via Palmwoods. This route includes an awesome 6.5km climb, which is not nasty at all (well, depending on how your legs are feeling that day). However, the 20% pinch on the way back certainly sorts you out!

It's an awesome climb up to Montville from the coast. The town of Montville is on the Ridgeline, just up from Palmwoods or from Nambour then Mapleton if you come up that way. It's an amazing area, which you can see here!

Anyway, I have to go to work tody, which makes me incredibly sad, however, singlespeeding keeps me interested in life!