From Adelaide...a week in arrears.

We are in Adelaide. I have decided that I really like Adelaide—it’s quite like Canberra but not crap. There are beaches and mountains and I quite dig it, really. Except for the dry climate, the excruciatingly hot summers and bitter winters, I would totally live here!

It’s Aidooz brother Jordan’s wedding and we are here for a fleeting two nights. Booked in a 5-star hotel in Radelaide-town (which is actually a bit daggy—very early-90s décor including lots of mirrors and brown timber with black varnish…not really a fan).
Basically, we have eaten lunch, gone for a ride in the Adelaide foothills, and are now hanging around in our hotel room trying to decide what to eat for dinner, but completely legless after far too much expensive wine the spa…as you do.

Did you know that most wine has traces of wither egg or shellfish/crustacea, totally gross I know. Now I can’t bear to look at a glass of wine for fear that it will have a prawn-y aftertase. Guh-ross.

I am drinking this 2007 Scotchman’s Hill $50 Pinot Noir with my fingers pinching my nose as I glug it down (is that sacrilegious? Give me a beer any day—as long as it’s not XXXX, Toohey’s New, anything Tooheys, VB or that non-carbohydrate “Bighead” beer from Burleigh Brewing co—YUK!).

Anyway, singlespeeded yesterday, though I was a bit sad because there was no off-road singlespeeding, just commuting. I did beat some supercommuters up hills though—several! And worked on my awesome monohopping skills. Hurrah for fully rigid 29er singlespeeds! Oh dear...I am feeling like a hubbard after that...