Funky Jill aka Spoiled Middle Class Biotch Whines About How She Has Too Much To Do And Can't Play Enough Tennis

I've been in a bit of a "funk" the past couple of days.

Like most of us, I do alot. I'm in charge of the silent auction for a big fundraiser on May 20th, I'm class mom. I'm on the Art Show Committee, my next door neighbor has ALS, so I try to help their family when their burden is too great. I have a house to run. I have 1 husband, 2 children, 3 dogs, PLUS I have tennis!! Which I've cut down on quite a bit in the past 6 months.

Some people are superstars. They do way more than me and do it all to perfection. I, on the other hand, try my best to do as much as I can, but inevitably something's gotta give.

In my case, that's usually, the laundry, my children's bedtimes or serving a well balanced dinner to the family. I could give up getting 7.5 hours of sleep per night, to get more done, which would cause me to be a cranky biotch. In case you don't know what a biotch's the Urban Dictionary definition.


1. Biotch: (noun) a woman of unsavory character traits pertaining to negative or even belligerent attitude (ie. a pain in the ass or a moody bitch)

I guess I could give up, tennis, or blogging, or being class mom. I could stick to cleaning the house and making healthy meals. There are worse things then that. I can't think of any right now, but I KNOW that there are.

Or, I could get a job from 9-2 while the girls are at school. What kind of job? Who knows. I worked in the entertainment industry, in NYC before I had kids. NOT a 9-2 profession. Damn. Why didn't I get a nursing degree??? (Other than the fact that I'm squeamish and HATE needles and blood.)

But seriously. I AM in a funk. I'm a little scared about the economy. I see so many families under so much stress. It's really freaking me out.

How about you? Are you feeling the funk?

One more thing...when I say I was in the "entertainment" industry. I do not mean prostitution or stripping. (Although if I had bigger boobs I'd consider it at this point. As long as I can drop my kids at school at 8:40 and pick them up at 3:05, I'm cool.)

As I said before, these are tough times. We pampered housewives have to do our part to help our families survive.

Now that I've said my part...I'm going to enable comment moderation. You people scare me!! :)