I have other things to be doing, obviously

I love Waffle House, and I spend a particular portion of my pittance of an income there each week. And my tips are always inflated by at least 200%. Since I'm stimulating the economy right there at WaHo in the middle of nowhere in the southern states, I deserve the best dadgum service ever. Not that I have any objection to it, but why is it that I always have weird experiences there? Back in the 90s, the waitress threw silverware at us instead of placing it down. Last year, my roommate and I went at 2:30 in the morning, and we were greeted by the petite youngish lady with "How the fuck are you?" in a very perky voice. Tonight, another friend and I were eating there and I ordered an extra side of eggs. The waitress starts to cook them, and there's pounding at the window. I look around worried, just knowing we're about to be victims in a bullet-fueled personal feud between two disgruntled rednecks. Turns out it's the cook on his smoke break, perturbed that the waitress is taking over his job with one simple order. Well, he then decides to swap out his smoking location for different scenery. So my friend and I are picking up our conversation when all of a sudden, a big burly backside appears in our window. Not near us, but RIGHT IN OUR OWN SECTION OF THE WINDOW. Why can't I help but feel that this was deliberate?
Unfortunately he moved off before we could take a picture.