K's and SSing, rain and smashing into cars.

This long weekend thing is great. haven't worked since Wednesday, which all in all has been a good thing considering Aido smashed into a car on Thursday morning. It's perhaps the worst phone call you could ever imagine, "hi, I don't know you but my name is Nerrilee and your fiance Aiden has just been in an accident". At this stage the world starst blurring a litte bit, and I hardly eve took in the "he's fine, the ambulance is coming, he may have broken his hip, though...".

Panic mode 101, fling myself into clothing from my pyjamas and super commute (on the footpath...) down to the accident site at Bank St. after a long, painful (for me, at least) trip to, and wait at te hospital, Aido is cleared, merely sorry and very sore. Phew! No broken hip! However, the black lightning will not ride again :( He has a manky thumb as well, which still has no feeling in it...very strange...

Anyway, considering that the 'lightning was snapped in several places, completely written off, I consider him so lucky! We are both counting our blessings after that.

That was Thursday. Friday consisted of doing some K's, Mt Mee and Dayboro etc. Saturday was much the same, with a few more Mt Mee's thrown into the equation to get the K's up!

I made a kick-ass frittata for lunch that day—my wonderful Nan came over. It's pretty special hanging out with my nan, she's soon-to-be 90, and is an amazing woman, so I always get excited whn nan schlepps up from Newc's. Following the copious amounts of washing up that having people over in our house entails (our sink is the size of a bucket: our bench-space prioritised by coffee machines, grinder and toaster, with no room for anything else!), Aido's friends Chris and Barb Varx and their two kids came to stay the night.

They're really awesome, but they certainly highlight the juxtaposition between having a family with two young teenage kids and just the two of us, Mondo and far too many bikes!

Anyhoo, it has been raining and raining, so I decided to take the bombproof truck out for a ride, which is always fun, especially doing fire-road bergs. It's amazing how slow you can pedal and still keep upright, even though you may next to standstill! hooray for Stevie the truck!