Do you tell them?

Yesterday, I wanted to show Shaun and Jenn the funny talking baby girl from my previous post. I had to link them to my blog. Shaun says "Is this you? Did you do all this?"
Um, yes.

Emily knows about my blog, she checks it from school and uses pictures from it for reports, and so does Kerry, I guess no one shared the info with Shaun, my parents hear a bit about it but I don't think they have been here.
If you blog, does your family know about it?

And in other news...
Poor Emily found out the hard way.
She says to me as we are listening to Fat Bottom Girls by Queen..."I like Queen better than the Beatles."
Me: Me too, but why?
Her: The Beatles did drugs and drank a lot.
Me: {snicker} And you don't think Queen did?
Her: Well, the Beatles had songs like Yellow Submarine and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, those are about drugs.
Me:Have you ever seen Freddy Mercury?
Her: No.
Me: You need to. There were some drugs involved there, maybe even a bit of alcohol.
Her: The Beatles did have nice haircuts.
So just for Emily...
Remember, the way a person dresses doesn't dictate how they sing.