I've gotta be honest with you...

I'm really surprised that I didn't get much response to my information on the mating habits of penguins.

Do you secretly think I'm whacked and decided not to comment on my bizarre observation? Did anyone wonder WHY I mentioned penguins engaging in intercourse?

Well, even if you didn't really care about my comment, I'm going to explain why I know about penguins in heat.

On Wednesday I accompanied my daughter on her kindergarten class trip to the aquarium.

As we sat in front of the penguin exhibit, our tour guide was giving a little lecture on the "ins and outs" of penguins. WHAT A COINCIDENCE...because as he explained the "ins and outs" of penguins, there were two penguins lying on the ground GOING AT IT!!!

The whole time he had his back to the display, a penguin porno show was going on. Unbelievably none if the children commented on, or even noticed the lovemaking session going on right before their very eyes.

The mom next to me did, however, notice.

As the class moved on to the seal exhibit we asked out tour guide if the one penguin on top of the other bouncing up and down rhythmically was indeed attempting to impregnate his girlfriend. We were correct. It's springtime, and the penguins are going at it like rabbits.

So there you have it. I've got nothing more to say.