Day off? Right on!

Yesterday, in the post-conference lull at work, I decided not to go into the office (if you can really call it that. It is, after all, someone's living room).

So instead, I decided to do Nebo on the dirt. It took me 50 minutes to get to Gap Creek car park from home, involving a myriad of twisting bike paths and single-track. I met Jo there, and we began out adventure up Nebo.

I have a confession—it was my first dirt Nebo. While I have done many a road Nebo-painfest-type ride, Nebo on dirt was entirely new.

It was great to be able to gasbag the whole ride too. Base miles are the best kind of miles to do, because they're easy, you can do them with buddies, and they make you feel awesome for the rest of the day. So after climbing for around two hours, and then descending (with a lot more climbing!) for another hour, or thereabouts, we were back at the Gap. I hardly felt like I had been out for four hours at that stage, so I rode home through the bikepaths—some pointed towards home, some pointed the other way.

Coming up the Ashgrove path towards Enoggera Rd, the path was flooded. And when I say flooded, I mean that the white-water rafting world championships could have been held there.

It's amazing the things that Ashgrove bike path turns up!

I, being stupid and maybe a bit too game, decided to wade across the furious, poo-brown rapids to get home. I had run out of food at this point and stupid things began to seem really smart.

Anyway, it was all good, and now I am planning my next 7 or 8 hr mega epic. Yet racing 100km Enduro is still too far (my mind boggles...)