Hump day already!

The week is going by so fast, already the middle of the week!
I woke up feeling like someone pummeled me in my sleep. I'm so sore, I think I just slept funny.
I think I'm pretty smart, I realized I could save the MP3 files from The Photographers' Workshop to my ipod and listen to them while I do other things, instead of sitting in front of the computer listening. Sometimes, I just can't believe how smart I am.

I made more purses, I will list them on and hopefully sell a couple to offset the cost of the crazy fabric collection I am obtaining. If I think it's getting too bad, I'll just go to my mom's and then I'll realize I only have 3 drawers of fabric, she has a room, and that will make me feel better. Although she doesn't have a scrapbooking room and I do.