Oy Vey! What have I gotten myself into?

After forgetting that today Emily had to go to school to pick up her report card, I started my Texas Style BBQ sauce for tomorrow's BBQ beef brisket. The sauce was surprisingly easy to make, although it's not at all sweet like the bottled stuff we are used to.
Emily got to school, I drove her and then came back to read my brisket recipe only to realize that if I have to massage the brisket with the rub I made 2 days ago ( I hate touching raw meat), and let it sit for 1 hour afterwards, and then bbq it for 1.5 hours and then bake it for 4.5 hours and let it sit for 1 hours before cutting, I have to get up at 4 am. Who's stupid idea was this?
I woke up at 4:30 am today, because someone was breathing very loudly, Sally, and I actually thought it was someone in another room of the house talking. Freaky! But good to know that the sun comes up around that time so I won't be bbq-ing in the dark tomorrow.
This brisket making better move me up to sainthood.