I have doubts

I had to get Kerry's mom to drive me to the clinic because I'm nauseous, and in pain. The dr. at the clinic said if she didn't know better she say I was pregnant. Nice. But I'm not.
So then she says my ear is fine, no fluid, no redness, nothing. That didn't make me feel any better. She pushed on my tummy, how rude, and then said I had the stomach flu, most likely, because it's going around. She said I'd have 3 days of vomiting followed by days of blow out diarrhea, that's what she said. Then she said lay low, it's highly contagious.
I'm so not impressed. I have stuff to do.
So now my morning consists of finding food to eat that won't be so disgusting when I puke it back up. Butter chicken is out, and so are pakoras, samosas, potatoes, tomato based things, spicy things, bread, you get the idea.
So not impressed.