It's great to be missed!

I had an email from one of Linus's biggest fans! She was worried something had happened to me, although I'm sure she was more worried about that big lug.So just for Bonnie, here's what Linus has been up to the last couple of days...

Posing for photo shoots because none of my humans are participating. It's very hard to get the assignments done when no skin toned subjects will sit still. Here's the front shot of Linus. This is the back shot.This is Linus's dad after tearing off most of the tar and gravel from the carport roof. He's so hot. Linus trying not to pay attention to what dad is doing.
Sally, happy that Linus is no where near her!
And the bad thing I taught the dogs to do...Pick their own carrots and radishes. Now they can live self sufficiently in the garden. And I can watch Y&R in peace!