Evening Reading

I borrowed from Marg the first 2 "No. 1 Woman's Detective Agency" books. I finished them in about 3 days. I really enjoyed them, I haven't been reading much. But now I plan to read my manuals and my lessons.

A group from the Photographers' Workshop decided to start the class again on Facebook so that the lessons are ingrained in our brains. This works perfectly for me, I will do it again with my new camera and lens. I am so impressed with it already. Amazingly fast! But it weighs more than 2 lbs. I'm sure. My poor kitten arms.

So what exactly did I get? I got what I feel was about the best camera deal ever. A Canon 50D that looks brand new, a battery grip, 2 batteries, a charger, and a 28mm f/1.8 lens, all in original boxes, all with manuals. Sweet deal! I didn't even know what the battery grip was for, it adds extra power to your camera, extra gripping for larger hands, looks professional, and when you rotate your camera to take portrait photos it has a shutter button on the side so that you don't have to bend your wrist at an awkward angle. Who thinks of these things? I love it!

Me and my favourite mountain biker will be going out for a test shoot tomorrow. Can't wait to see what I can or can't do!
The dogs were more than willing to pose for some shots in the living room. I have the ISO bumped up, I was playing with how high it could go. I did not make Sally pose like this, but you can see her tiny paws now. She's such a good poser.
Okay, so not all dogs were thrilled to pose for me. This one's big 2 tonne head was breaking my ankles. He's such a plum eating baby jerk.

And the beauty of my new lens is in the details, like the dog hair and dust on the couch. Nice.

The cement is all poured, I could not bring myself to adding our initials to the wet cement. It's so perfectly perfect as it is. Framing starts Monday.