There are many reasons why I ride. Sense of achievement, that awesome post ride-endorphin kick, social aspects, the satisfaction after finishing a rcae. I even ride to clear my mid. I ride sometimes to be by myself. All alone. Just me.

And so, when I pass someone like they're standing still, then they accelerate to get onto my wheel...well sometimes it makes me cross (it's one of the top things that piss me off, after all).

Can't you see I am riding by myself?

By myself?

I didn't want a riding buddy or I would have one with me.

My training doesn't include pacing someone for half an hour.

So when I had a leech attached to me the other day on my ride, and after asking him to leave my wheel, there was no response.

I saw he was sitting to the right of my wheel. As I was mad, I engaged in some 'path-rage', going from about 35km/h to a skidded stop, thus making said hubbard freak out and ride off path. But at least he was gone.

Sure, it was not really 'bike-love', and I know it was unacceptable, but I get so MAD!

I love it that heaps of people now cycle—but seriously—personal space, super-noongs!