some things

1. I will be getting a Canon 50D and 28mm f/1.8 lens today. I am spoiled. I know it. I try not to abuse it.
2. I will owe Kerry big time, I have promised no more eating out, no more buying groceries until we eat the wads of stuff we have, no more shoes, no more magazines, no more coffees, no more scrapbooking stuff, and no more fun until Christmas.
3. If you look closely at Linus's eyes in the header, you can see me holding a plum above my head.
4. Linus ate more than an icecream pail of plums yesterday, Sally ate just about as many. No poopy bum yet.
5. Cement gets poored today!
6. Classes start next week, yay, someone has to pay for a camera!
7. I'm waking up before my alarm goes off, way too early and then I need a nap. Why can't I just sleep a bit longer and not have a nap?
8. It's Sept. 11. Say a little prayer.
9. Sally got trimmed and washed Wed. and Emily says she stinks now, and she says her legs are funny. Her paws got trimmed up, no more Grinch paws, but her legs are furry so she has what Emily calls Drumstick Legs and then Emily makes "Nom Nom Nom" noises and says she could eat them up. And then we take Sally out of the room to keep her safe!
10. If Amy get's married next Fall, we will seriously discus going to Disneyland then.
11. Kerry got his new Dirt 2 game, I probably won't see him all weekend.