If it's none of my business...


We live in an age where people like to live in the public eye. Facebook, Twitter, blogs. We can all be celebrities in our own little realm. The thing with being a celebrity is...we lose our privacy. ESPECIALLY when we CHOOSE to put it out there.

Here are some examples. My neighbor and his wife love (let's call them Bob and Darlene) to have arguments on Facebook.

Here is an actual example of one of their Facebook exchanges:

Bob status update: Hungover. Had too much to drink last night and told wifey she needs to lose weight. Sorry babe...I love u.

Diane: Looks like someone needs to go to AA.
Diane's friend: He's an a**hole!!
Diane: Yeah, he was drinking tequila all afternoon and then said I shouldn't wear jeans because it made my butt look big.

Hello!!! Do you people know that people read Facebook? Do we need to know about your marital conflict and drinking problem?! (Actually, it's pretty interesting...keep up the good work!)

Or, there are those who blog about INTIMATE relationship details, and then in the next post, complain that their lives are nobody else's business and that everyone should mind their own business. Hey! You just TOLD us everything, so if someone asks how you are doign, don't get all huffy. YOU put it out there!

Sooo, since I'm not a hypocrite, feel free to ask me about my dogs' flea problem, my boot obsession, or my messy house. There are other issues in my life, but don't ask about them. UNLESS, of course, I Tweet, Facebook or blog about it.

In which case, it's all fair game.