The Antisocial Blogger...

Some Caffeine Court blog stats:

Number of years blogging: 2

Number of bloggers I've met face to face: 0

Number of bloggers I've actually had a conversation with: 3

Pretty sad huh?

But I HAVE been making progress! As of a few months ago the number of bloggers I've actually had a conversation with was at ZERO.

So now it's time for a little contest.

Can you guess which 3 bloggers I
talked to on the phone?

I'll give you some hints.

Blogger #1 is a tennis player and mom to one gorgeous daughter. She's a world traveler and you could bounce a quarter off her husband's abs.

Here's a quote from her blog: Finally living my happily ever after in my own little tropical paradise. I am a mother first, recently married, I curse a lot, and yeah we're just a little nuts.

Blogger #2 is a complete hoot. This girl is pure energy and personality. You can't help but smile when you talk to her. Oh, and she's sooo SOUTHERN. I felt like Carmela Soprano compared to her.

Here's a quote from HER blog: "a willingly transplanted Midwestern girl living in the South." "'ll either love me or hate me, but you'll laugh either way."

I am most ashamed that I have never met Blogger #3 in person. She lives 5 minutes from my house. She is a runner and an avid reader. She also writes for a couple of websites under an alias. We discussed attending BlogHer together this summer and one day VERY soon, we are going to meet for coffee.

And finally, a hint from Blogger #3's blog: "A place where I can vent about mommy hood without annoying my husband."

So there you have it.

Just to make things interesting, I'm going to offer a little prize to one random commenter who attempts to guess the identities of Bloggers 1, 2 and 3.

In keeping with the theme of my blog, the lucky winner will receive a $25 Starbucks Gift Card!!!

*APPLAUSE* yeah, I know, $25 doesn't get you far at Starbucks...but what do you expect from me? I'm not made of money!

Here are the rules.

1. If you happen to be Blogger 1, 2 or 3, you can't enter. (Sorry, it's the price you pay for being my friend...)

2. If you are related to me and you know the answer, you can't enter. But I WILL buy you a latte the next time I visit. If you DO guess and ruin the contest, I'll kick your butt next time I visit.

3. The contest ends Sunday, November 1st at 11:59 PM.

Now a little legal junk:

Caffeine Court is not liable for any burnt tongues or over caffeination and jitters caused by products purchased with the Starbucks gift card. Also, remember that there are alot of empty calories in some of those triple pump frappuccinos.

Contest not valid in Bangladesh, Greenland and the Czech Republic. Many will enter, one will win.

Let the games begin!!!