Apartment Living: Atlanta

Recently I moved into my first apartment. I always lived in a dorm in college so I never had to get a bed, or couch, so this has been quite exciting and quite an ordeal as well. Over the past six weeks I have been really trying to perfect it to match my style. I think I am finally about 90% there.

My Kitchen!

I am learning to cook! So far I have successfully toasted some bagels and made some brownies. I have a long way to go.

Oh Kate Spade. I have been in love with this china since I was fourteen! It was discontinued two years ago and I was devastated. I found it at Replacements, LTD. and I am so glad I went with china I love as opposed to china I just like!

Blik Surface Graphics! They really add some character to the bare walls.

Harry Winston! He was helping me take pictures.

I LOVE my bed spread! I had started going for a plain gray, but then I saw this!

Marc Jacobs Biscotti! It is wonderful and I highly recommend it! It is only surpassed by Miss Dior so you know it is good!

Some Jewels I made and others that I didn't...

This Necklace is on my top 10 of things I purchased last season!

My color organized closet. Probably the only organized part of my life.

ahh Shoe Love!

More to come soon!