Every morning I prepare myself a cappuccino. Recently I have been able to achieve a new level of froth.
I'm pretty pleased.

I fell in love with cappuccino, when I was studying in Italy. About midway through the semester, I was having up to three a day! Thankfully I have cut back since, but I still enjoy my daily cappuccino.
While my homemade cappuccino stifles the craving, there is nothing like the Italian espresso. Since I left Italy I have been looking for a brand of espresso or a restaurant that has a roast comparable to that of the Italians. Last fall I found a place. No Starbucks in sight, the Flying Biscuit is the only place I have found so far that has it. If you are ever in Atlanta or North Carolina, I highly recommend you try the cappuccino, and the biscuits of course.

The Flying Biscuit Cafe