Whakewarewara, Taupo, Zippy's and the Pig...

Well, I should really be learning all about the Cardiovascular system right now, but it's really hard to do this when memories of sweet sweet trails are stuck in your head.

I went for a MTB ride on the singlespeed the day after we returned from Rotovegas, and if one word could sum up that ride it would be DEPRESSION!

It appears that I have been lulled into complacency—I actually thought that the Bunya trails and the Gap Creek network were good riding! How wrong was I?

Anyway, it was an awesome trip, I had an awesome birthday that consisted of awesome cake, awesome skinsuits, awesome singlespeeds, awesome forests, awesome vegie bagels, awesome coffee, and awesomely drunk dancing at the pub.

In fact, everything was so awesome that I started a club "Club Awesome" (by invite only).