Love and/or Lust - Judy Radin

Her mother told her she’d have lots of boyfriends. “They’ll be beating down your door,” she said. But that didn’t exactly happen. In college Joanna wasn’t what you’d call popular. She wasn’t exactly unpopular, but when she did have a male admirer he never treated her like she was special. He’d buy her drinks, maybe a meal or two, and as much pot as she wanted. But there was always a line drawn. “This isn’t a date,” Jack once said. “I like you but I don’t love you,” David said. “There’s someone else,” Justin said.

It didn’t matter who the guy was. When it came to being Joanna’s boyfriend there were never any takers. They just wanted to have sex with her. They thought she was pretty. They thought she was fun. They thought she was sexy. But boyfriend? No way.

Joanna pretended it was that way with everyone. It was the seventies. Everyone was having sex with everyone else. It didn’t mean anything. It was just sex. Love had nothing to do with it. But somewhere deep inside she knew the truth. She couldn’t help noticing that the guys Diana hooked up with became her boyfriends. Same was true for Melanie and Joyce and Donna. They weren’t prettier than Joanna, or smarter. But for some reason they all had boyfriends. For them it definitely was more than sex. Joanna didn’t understand what was wrong with her. But she knew there was something