Stairway to Heaven!

Kerry has holidays this week. Which means our stairs will finally get covered in hardwood. We had so much left over from the upstairs that we decided to do the stairs. The brown blob in the lower right corner is Linus's head. Kerry is removing each and every riser and replacing them with new ones. The dust of 38 yrs. is under those stairs and in my nose.
Kerry's got a bloody scratch on his head from trail work yesterday. I don't think he had a hat on. He might want to start doing that when he's doing trail work. I think it was a stick.
Both dogs were very interested in what Kerry was doing. The lighting is totally funky in these pictures.
Linus pouted because he was stuck at the top of the stairs. See that spot on the door with the paint removed, that's from Sally. She jumps up on the door and scratches it when we come home. My dad got her started, he sticks dog treats in the mail slot. One time he stuck his finger in and some dog bit it.
You can't tell from the pictures, but Kerry had some colourful words today. He swung the hammer and the claw part hit him in the shin, right next to his big ding from bike riding. He bled a lot. He was wise not to show me until after and even then it was soaking through the bandaid and I couldn't look.

Love this one. Oh, woe is Linus.

After this, the dogs were allowed dowstairs while Kerry pulled off the middle stairs. Then he went upstairs and we were stuck downstairs. And Sally decided to try to climb up and as she tentatively used her front paws to step on the framing, her back paws couldn't fit and she slipped through the staircase into the great beyond. Luckily it was only a few feet off the ground and not the top stairs. She landed on all fours and walked out the door and back again like nothing happened. I gave her a quick once over and Kerry replaced the wood and she ran up the stairs as fast as she could.
I'm hoping tomorrow means painting the back boards white. We're replacing the trim too and I figured why not paint the walls while we are at it. Kerry doesn't want to, the walls are about 16 feet high. But I'm totally going to push for it. I just have to pick a colour. I'm leaning towards greyish, but the flooring will be reddish and I don't like that together. I also like a nice spring green, but it might just be because it's spring. This will be the colour people will see when they come in the door. Right now it's tan, Martha Stewart's Mesa or something like that. But not her paint, just the colour.
Any colour ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to brighten it up.