I'm A Traveler, Not a Tourist

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There is nothing, I repeat nothing, worse than looking like a tourist when you're traveling. Thankfully, Madewell has launched their online store and I've been using their looks as inspiration to not get caught wearing a tracksuit and fanny pack when Taylor, Stephanie, and I head out to D.C. to visit Laura in June.

Avoid the following to not look like a tourist:
  •  Stonewashed denim, multiple pieces of denim clothing, Mom Jeans
  • Chunky-soled, white athletic shoes
  • Anything with large, obnoxious logos whether they be designer names or sports logos
  • Fanny packs, backpacks, and any other sort of inappropriately giant bag
  • Color coordination in outfits worn by your entire group (aka the *NSYNC faux pas) 
  • Wearing clothing that is normally used as sleepwear because it's "comfortable"
  • Clothing in colors that could be described as retina searing
  • Anything that has specific reference to where you are visiting or other touristy destinations i.e. Ciao Bella t-shirts in Italy, I Heart NYC paraphernalia etc. (as suggested by my friend Lesley-Anne)
 And consider these options instead:
  • Choose a fairly neutral color palette while you pack, it makes it easier to dress and to blend in with locals
  • Black is slimming and makes an outfit look more cosmopolitan
  • Invest in a streamlined, dark shoe and if necessary make them more comfortable by using gel insoles
  • Bring interesting but inexpensive accessories if you want to make your outfits more reflective of your personal tastes i.e. scarves, costume jewelry, sunglasses etc.
Happy travels!