Spotted: Cultured, ~Aware~ Young Adult

Those who read my summer reading list post may recall the formula which I said was necessary to show just what an educated, worldly, and literate person you are; the type of person who sips chai lattes while reading on your Kindle at the local coffee shoppe (Starbucks is so passé). And sure enough, I've already come across one of those aspirants. Today, on the Metro. Rugged backpack that could have possibly come from REI: +3. Rainbow flipflops: +2. Refusal to wear a suit, and instead sporting a rumpled skirt and cardigan, sans hose: +2, mussed up surfer girl/ environmental activist sunbleached hair: +1. The big kicker? The Brothers Karamazov: +10. Not as good as Like Water For Chocolate, but it'll do. I just wish I'd been carrying my camera the day I saw the hipster with the stovepipe legs suit.